Tempo Play Mobile Legends, Especially for ML Pro Players!

Tempo play or tempo play is a unique style of play that is very effective for use in Mobile Legends. Tempo play itself is not very popular because the meta and playing style of Mobile Legends are not very supportive, but if you are able to do it this will be very deadly. Tempo play is indeed very popular in other major MOBAs such as Dota 2 and LoL.

Even though it’s a bit foreign to your ears because indeed many casters in Indonesia don’t understand when a team plays a Strat tempo, but we will explain it here. It’s a bit difficult to distinguish because of the confusion with the aggro game. But aggro and tempo have differences.

Here we will explain the most complete tempo of play in Mobile Legends. Starting from understanding, tips, strategies, how to play, and counters in Mobile Legends. Tempo play will be very dangerous if executed properly because the enemy will not even have time to fight back.


Tempo play is a type or style of playing a team that often appears in Mobile Legends without realizing it. Initially the term tempo was very popular with both veteran moba such as Dota and LoL, but the term has even penetrated into other genres such as CCG. In Mobile Legends itself, the tempo of play actually often happens even though many don’t realize it.

If interpreted roughly, tempo of play means a slightly aggressive style of play and plays without wasting time. But not to be confused with playing aggro where they will continue to play aggressively and give deadly pressure. The tempo here will play effectively without removing the slightest gap. They will take advantage of every second, without rest and continue to make the enemy depressed.

Against an enemy playing tempo play will be very difficult because once they get the advantage, it is almost impossible to catch up. This is because players or teams that use tempo play not only benefit themselves, but will simultaneously try to harm their opponent.

Usually when playing at the tempo you have to focus on pursuing excellence, be it from levels or items. Starting from this small advantage plus their powerspike hero, this team can be very deadly and very difficult to stop.

Usually the team that plays with this playing tempo will be driven by one brain only. From here they will play non-stop without even taking a break because if their tempo drops, this could be a blunder. Therefore, at the highest level of Mobile Legends, this Strat is rarely done because it can be a blunder and a comeback by opponents.

HOW TO PLAY TEMPO PLAY – Tempo Play Mobile Legends

Tempo play will usually be done if the team has a very suitable hero. These heroes are usually chosen because they will use this strategy. If generally the most popular meta is to use hypercarry, then the tempo of play can counter them.

The most basic thing in playing tempo play is to use a hero who has various powerspikes. Usually in the early, mid, and late games they already have a hero who covers everything so that it doesn’t stop and get stuck.

An example of a good team using the tempo play style is to use a hero who has a powerspike at all times.

Early game will be controlled by hero poke, harass, and burst like Rafaela, Grock, or Atlas which will be very deadly at the start of the game. Midgame is also not left behind and is quite diverse, starting from mages like Valir, Pharsa, and Khufra. In Lategame it can also be filled with hypercarry or greedy core heroes like Uranus, Leomord, Granger, or Hayabusa.

If you look at the hero set above, Rafaela and Grock can fill the early and midgame with their damage. When the mid game comes, mage heroes with high power spikes such as Valir and Pharsa can fill even the late game. In the late game, of course, the carry like Granger or Hayabusa can end the game.

What is prioritized is not just balance, but by covering a lot of power spikes and being able to take advantage of them, these heroes can take turns playing actively and not stop at all. There is no need to rest because they will endlessly try to kill off the opponent’s movements.


Not only will you benefit from time to time, tempo play will usually work with many divided tasks. In the early game, it’s time to play a little aggro by turning off the opponent’s movements and turning off their farm so that the core team can farm easily.

Mid game aggression moves to mid game heroes where kills and shutdowns will often occur. The late game will be filled with effective game closings and there is no need for a team fight because the enemy will be kidnapped one by one.


As already explained, tempo play prioritizes efficiency and superior power. This is arguably the most balanced style of play because you will be filling all the time with the same style balance. The most important thing when playing tempo is snowballing.

Regarding snowballing, of course you are aware that there are several heroes who, if given just one superior item, can destroy the order of the enemy’s game like Ling or Lancelot. Heroes of this type will be very dangerous if picked by a team that is playing at a tempo because that is their task and goal, getting a small profit will be very large and dangerous.

By being one of the players who is quite calm in this game. You will get several opportunities to do ganking, counter and others. Now, when the opportunity comes, you can do this well.

If you pay attention to the team playing tempo, their GPM and XPM graphs will continue to steadily rise and never even go down. This is because the efficiency they can use will be the team’s main weapon.

There is no need to play aggro because it will be too risky and high risk if you fail. Do not play passively because this will hinder the growth of the hero. They must be good at taking advantage of the moment and reading the opponent’s game.

It is easy for a team to aim for a slight advantage and continue to advance the speed of the game faster and for sure they are controlled. This will prevent the opponent from catching up or responding swiftly.


Not only in Mobile Legends but also not only in competitive games, when playing sports, of course, psychology will be a very important war and this will be used in the tempo of play. They will take advantage of the advantage and make the enemy fall behind.

The enemy that is left behind will be exposed to psychological attacks indirectly. This can make them play unfocused, discouraged, or have given up even though there is still a chance.

This can also be a double blade for the team that starts the tempo of play. The opposing team who suddenly can reverse the situation and can catch up can destroy the mindset and psychological order of the team tempo. In fact, there are often comebacks because of the enthusiasm that arises. Must be careful and if you can win the game before getting hit swing tempo.


If you are against a team that plays with high aggression when you get an advantage, don’t be afraid because you can take advantage swing tempo.

As the name implies, this term occurs when the enemy has the advantage and makes a mistake or your team can take advantage of the pause to turn things around to you. This is often used to counter the opponent’s tempo control play.

In Mobile Legends time is the most important resource. Your goal to get items is to cut time, whether it’s destroying towers, ganking, killing, or lords. Well, in a game against the tempo you also can’t waste time and have to take advantage of their play.

Usually when fighting a team that plays like this you will need very good support, mid, and jungler / assassin.

Starting from ganking, shutting down their cores, popping their buffs, or even applying pressure on the lane. It’s like creeps and towers. By reversing control of the circumstances you can take swing tempo where map control and time return to your hands.

Counter Tempo Play ML case

A case in point is suppose you play as Helcurt, Helcurt is a very deadly hero thanks to his mobility, high impact, and burst. You are cleaning the jungle and get to the last creep, which is the red buff.

You see in the mid lane, your mid and support heroes are dealing with opponents who play too aggro. Surely as Helcurt you have to go straight to the mid, leave the buff, and go straight to the gang. Efficiency is the key and you are even better off buffing your marksman in the safe lane.

So the most important thing when fighting or getting a play tempo is efficiency as well decision making which is very good. By making excellent decisions and also reviewing your priorities, playing Mobile Legends will be easier.

Take advantage of your most important resource in the game, which is time. By making good use of time, you can control the course of the game and can also benefit your respective team.

Don’t waste too much time and try to catch up with the enemy. The way to play the tempo is difficult if you don’t work well together. Therefore, you must be able to try to help each other with your team, so that you can attack the enemy easily.

Those are the tips, guides, strategies, and counter tempo play in Mobile Legends. Even though it’s a bit complicated because the tempo of play itself is a high-level strategy, you can implement this even at any rank. The recommendation for tempo play is to play using assassins or support. Both of these roles can control the map and make excellent use of the time.

Playing with a good team will really help your Mobile Legends game because communication will be very important. By playing tempo, you can turn even the smallest advantage into a huge advantage and can harm your team against your game.

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