The 2 Most Received Titles Since the New Era of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has entered the New Era and also Season 15 Beyond ACE All PUBG Mobile players are playing seriously to get the best and highest titles they can achieve. During the course of this new game era, there were 2 titles that were mostly obtained by PUBG Mobile players and here is the info.

As a popular battle royale game that has millions of active players spread throughout the world, there are some players who have the highest rank and title in the game. In online games like PUBG Mobile, there is always a ranking system. It all shows the social strata in the game.

At every season change, there will be a seasonal title that PUBG Mobile players are ready to get. By playing normally and following certain missions in a season, PUBG Mobile players will get the title. And here are the 2 titles most PUBG Mobile players have gotten since entering the New Era.

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The 2 Most Received Titles since the New Era

1. Well-Liked


The first title most PUBG Mobile players get is Well-Liked. It seems that this title is familiar to PUBG Mobile players. Yes, because the Well-Liked title is very often obtained when entering a new season.

The easy way to get it is the reason why there are many Well-Liked titles, especially since entering the New Era. To get it, players only need to get 1000 likes that can be obtained by players from their teammates after the game ends.

To be able to get that many likes, of course, players must be able to play well on their team. That way his teammates will appreciate the game with likes. And without realizing it, hundreds to thousands of likes have already been collected after going through many matches.

2. Weapon Master


The second title most PUBG Mobile players get since entering the New Era is the title Weapon Master. Why is this title getting the most? Because the mission to get this title is quite easy.

The first time to be able to get this title, make sure the player tier is already at the Platinum tier. Then to be able to get the Weapon Master title, players need to kill a lot of enemies in one Classic PUBG Mobile match.

But in this match the player must kill many of these enemies using different weapons or methods. For example using a Submachine Gun (SMG), shotgun, Assault Rifle (AR), sniper, grenade, or hitting the enemy with a vehicle.

That is why this title is called Weapon Master because a player who manages to get this title means that they have mastered many weapons in one match. It may sound a bit difficult but without realizing it, many players have done this and managed to get the Weapon Master title.

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Those are the 2 titles most players have gotten since entering the New Era of PUBG Mobile. Have you got the two titles above? Thank you!