The 3 Most Dangerous One Shot Kill Weapons in PUBG Mobile,

Weapons are important items that must be prepared by battle royale game players such as PUBG Mobile. There are various types of weapons provided in this game with different stats. This time we will provide information about 3 one shot kill weapons in PUBG Mobile that have the most dangerous powers.

PUBG Mobile provides various types of weapons complete with attachments that can maximize the performance of a weapon. Choosing the right weapon will make your performance deadly in the game. Therefore, preparing weapons in the battle royale game is very important. Preparing a weapon means knowing the location where to find the weapon and what is the best attachment that the weapon can use.

Each weapon available in this game has its own stats and details. Now, among the many weapons, there are 3 weapons that have the ability to shoot the enemy dead in one shot or in other words, one shot kill. Here is the list.

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The 3 Most Dangerous One Shot Kill Weapons in PUBG Mobile,

1. S1897


The first weapon was a shotgun, known as a brutal close combat. Although the recoil level of this shotgun is quite high and can make a jolt when fired, this shotgun with a 12 gauge magazine is known for its lethal shot.

Even though this weapon’s hit damage is only 26, in one shot it will issue 9 small bullets at once so that the total damage given is 234! With this much damage, of course, you can kill the enemy in one shot (one shot kill).

2. Crossbow

Next there is the Crossbow whose performance is so deadly that it can kill enemies in just one shot. The power of this weapon is close to the maximum, which is 96. Even so, the range of this weapon is fairly close.

One shot to the head (headshot) is certain to bring down your enemy. It doesn’t even matter what level of helmet you wear, it can still be destroyed with a shot from this Crossbow. Very dangerous.

3. AWM


This last weapon is the AWM, which we don’t need to doubt about its prowess. AWM is the strongest sniper weapon in this game. Even though it is often compared to the Kar98k, this AWM is still superior. The prowess of this sniper with 300 Magnum magazines in killing enemies in one shot is an open secret.

As a deadly weapon, of course it is not easy to find it. AWM cannot be found in the arena but can only be obtained through air drops. Therefore, when the water drop drops, the players will immediately target it, especially to fight for this AWM.

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Those are the 3 one-shot kill weapons with the most dangerous performance in PUBG Mobile. Getting one of the weapons above certainly makes you a lucky player and makes you even more alert because other players will try to kill you to get that weapon. Thank you!