The 5 most frequently purchased items in Mobile Legends

The 5 most frequently purchased items in Mobile Legends. With a large selection of items in Mobile Legends, of course there will be various combinations of items used. This item combination is called a build item for a hero. Well, of the many build items there must be items that often appear even in each game.

With the three main categories of physical, magical, and defense items, there are many choices of items that you can buy and use. Even though the strength of these items will depend on the hero you use, at least there are some items that will often appear in each of your games.

This item that often appears is not without reason. These items often appear because they provide good stats and effects. Many heroes who benefit from this item often become core items or main items. Therefore, I am no longer surprised to see these items in general games.

Here, let’s discuss the 5 most frequently purchased items in Mobile Legends. But these items do not include shoes, yes, because the shoe pool is small and often only 2 or 3 types of shoes are used in the game. This list focuses on three main item categories.

Berserker’s Fury

Berserker’s Fury is a very important item. How not, this item must be purchased by almost all marksman and even assassins. The reason is the meta damage crit is difficult to shift and only a few marksman heroes don’t need it. Of course you will often encounter this item.

Must buy by: Lesley, Yi Sun-Shin, Granger, and almost any other marksman.

Blade Of Despair

If you are a physical hero and need damage, you will definitely buy this item. Yes, BoD is a very powerful item and is often used by almost all heroes. This item is the best damage item in terms of stats which also has a strong passive effect for killers. If you need additional damage, this item is the best.

Must be purchased by: Leomord, X-Borg, Thamuz, and almost all other physical damage heroes.

Holy Crystal

If you are a hero who has magic damage and wants to increase your damage even higher in the late game then this item is the best item for you. Holy Crystal will increase your magic damage by a percentage multiplier. In the late game this item will be even more dangerous considering the high multiplier.

Must buy by: Silvanna, Selena, Karina, and other magic heroes who focus on damage.

Concentrated Energy

CE is a magic item that is bought quite often. This item provides a very high and valuable magic stat for its users. In addition, with a high stat, a large enough lifesteal effect will keep your magic heroes in good shape without HP difficulties. It is quite important that many mage heroes buy it.

Must buy by: Esmeralda, Silvanna, Valir, and other magic damage heroes especially those that require a little extra sustain.


This defensive item is quite unique. With a fairly high armor stat, this item also provides a very important passive effect, it can even reverse things. This item can revive the user in the same place when it dies. At the right time and location, of course, can be very important.

Must be purchased by: All heroes who need revive.

These items will definitely appear in your game and the reason is easy, because this item is strong. Items that always appear as core items for heroes in Mobile Legends are very difficult to replace unless there is a meta shift.

Those are the 5 most frequently purchased items in Mobile Legends which of course you can meet frequently. Almost in every game you will definitely have these items used by heroes who play.

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