The 5 most shining M2 Playoff players on Day 1

Lots of players who definitely stood out the most in the playoffs on this first day. It is difficult to determine whoever it is, but some of the M2 playoff players who shone the most on Day 1 will definitely enter all of them.

These five players are very prominent in their respective teams. You could say they are the ones who have the greatest impact and feel. With their impact, of course, their respective teams will be encouraged to get better.

Lots outplay and combo wombo happened on the first day of the playoffs. These players are the players of this high-level game. He deserves to be the best player at the moment.

For those of you who are curious about who deserves to be named the best player on Day 1, you can see below. In my opinion, they are the ones with the highest impact.

The M2 Playoff Player That Shines The Most On Day 1

  1. Eone
  2. Yam
  3. RubyDD
  4. Psychoo
  5. Moon

Of the many players who participated, the players above had the most impact on the team. Maybe without them each team will be very difficult later.

Let’s talk about the M2 playoff players who shone the most on Day 1. Many of these players played absurdly. Providing high impact for the team certainly makes them very important.


Eone probably shone the most during playoff day 1. He was even terrible with the game setup for Todak. Without him, Ciku might have difficulty managing the team in the late game.


For the viewers who underestimated Yam, now he is inflating them. Alter Ego’s two winning games are thanks to Yam’s world-class play. He was able to give a special surprise to those who doubted him.


Of all the Burmese Ghouls players, RubyDD stands out the most. In fact, it’s not uncommon for BG to win thanks to RubyDD’s special map controls. Had been absent at M1, now M2 is the stage.


RRQ’s newest player live pop off in M2. In the playoffs, he was the one who made the least sense in RRQ, especially in the first game. Benedetta’s game which is probably the best right now at M2 makes him a must-enter here.


The reason he is on this list is the same as Eone shining in his setup at Todak. Moon and Eone’s combo is probably the best in playoff day 1. The terrible support from Moon lifted Todak.

Those were some of the M2 playoff players who shone the most on Day 1. They are very strong players at the moment and will definitely have a big impact in the playoffs. It is hoped that their performance can be maintained or increased in the future.

With the playoffs entering its second day tomorrow of course these players still have the same task. The task of winning each team must be defended in the future.

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