The Achievements of Indonesian Racing Sim Outside the Hingar Bingar Esports

Not many know scene Sim Racing in Indonesia, it’s like being drowned by esports MOBA, Battle Royale, and FPS. Great potential from racing sim like a treasure hidden in the middle of nowhere.

Information from the world of racing is rarely heard but, once echoed, one can feel professionalism as their vision.

How they are formed and what accomplishments they have produced are indeed almost deserted from the world esports Indonesia. This time, RevivalTV will slowly uncover the veil starting from the beginning, namely the community.

An Information-Dense Community

racing sim
GTIC in Sentul. Source: Goodrides

Racers community Sim Racing in Indonesia there are two FB groups, namely Sim Racer Indonesia and Gran Turismo Indonesia Community (GTIC). The number of communities in their group is not much.

What are the behaviors they do in the FB group? On average, each member often provides information tuning their racing car, gaming gear which is used for example gamepad or wheeling steer, and the speed record of each race. It should be underlined that the speed record is the target of the audience member the group.

Share tips and tricks tuning cars become daily food. Looks boring? Looks like yes for those who really don’t like racing. But this will be nutritious food for the Sim Racing racers.

racing sim
Source: GTIC Facebook Group

Professionalism is also a goal in that community. The theme of racing is just fighting and there is nothing but the goal. Anyone in the community sim racer want to be the fastest with support gear and tunings respectively.

How about member new? Questionable average how to train, track what is for beginners, and what tuning is right for cars A, B, or C. From the new members who entered, the theme of racing has been implanted into their mentality.

Free and Paid Games

racing sim
One of the Sim Racing Free to Play. Source

Almost all Sim Racing games require some sacrifice to buy them, although there are also Sim Racing games that are free. Even in free games like Racing Room, there is no term pay-to-win.

The game rules of each game also have an automatic system that regulates them. If there is a violation, it will be subject to sanctions, for example a reduction in time or disqualification if there is a serious violation. Although, the system is not yet perfect so that in official competitions it still uses human labor to organize the race.

What did the publisher or developer or community?

First, from the community, they hold a competition by utilizing members of the community to become race director and race supervisor. Are there prizes? Of course there are prizes that come from the community itself.

racing sim
Competition held by the Sim Racer Indonesia community. Source: FB Sim Racer Indonesia

The value of independence to hold competitions has also been planted by the community: who is today race director, who’s in charge of the match, and who’s going to race today.

The interesting thing to come from developer or publisher since the prizes are no joke, we’ll cover this in the next section.

Competition Environment

racing sim
Andika Rama Maulana, runner up of GT Academy 2015. Source: AutonetMagz

Starting the competition for the first time with capital gamepad enough to bring Sim Racing into the competitive arena, although it is highly recommended to use steering wheel to go to a more advanced stage advanced.

Furthermore, knowledge of the rules, tuning car, and mastery track become mandatory for novice racers.

How about the competition environment? For the competition environment this time the information came from the speakers Andika Rama, Runner Up for GT Academy 2015.

The start of the 2015 GT Academy competition is the qualification of the para player the fastest as many as 20 people. This filter is taken based rag fastest on the circuit determined by the GT Academy Committee.

When they reach the top 20, each player will be interviewed to select potential drivers. Rama said the interview was conducted in front of 11 judges, of course, similar to an interview in a company.

This capital will later be the key when they become professional racers during the question and answer session with the media.

For the top 20 qualifiers in Indonesia on the first day alone, there were already disqualifications for undisciplined players. Discipline is the key to becoming a professional racer.

Rama told how a participant caught smoking was immediately disqualified.

After the domestic allowance, continue abroad in England.

The elimination between participants from several countries is the same as in the country: discipline and integrity are the keys to qualifying for the next round.

Rama said that there were participants who had a speed above the average of other participants but their ability to listen to instructions from the team did not work well; so that the next day they were immediately sent back to their home country.

The Silverstone track will become the final round after qualifying for speed, integrity and discipline.

What if this is implemented in professional esports teams in Indonesia, of course it will be very interesting, right?

The Future of Virtual Racers, The price is right!

The great thing about the future of virtual racers is being the racer of a real racing team. Suppose the Nissan Team is a graduate of Champion GT Academy. Project Cars Game also held competitions with prizes in the form of contracts as real racers.

The McLaren F1 team holding the competition World Fastest Gamer also contracted the champion as part of the McLaren simulation team to collect simulation data for the needs of the McLaren F1 team; after going through a rigorous interview session with panelists Mclaren F1.

What about Rama? Now currently recruited by a team Honda Bandung Racing Team, with colleagues Fitra Eri who is a national senior racer.

Much can be learned from the world racin simg Indonesia.

It’s not just a matter skill but individuals with integrity also become capital for the future. Professionalism has started from the very beginning. Are you ready to race ?!

Edited by Jabez Elijah