The Best Assault Rifle in Free Fire (FF) That You Need to Know!

Up to this moment, there are a plenty of games available in android, and it gives us a plenty of option on what to play in android. New updates in those games will surely increase the popularity of those games. If you want to play one of those awesome games, you can try downloading Free Fire. There are many features available in Free Fire. Here we have some of the best assault rifle in Free Fire that you need to use later in the game.

The Best Assault Rifle in Free Fire (FF)


The capability of this weapon cannot be underestimated at all. Groza is one of the deadliest assault rifle in Free Fire. The Groza has a really good firing range and damage rate. It also has a high rate of fire. So make sure that you understand the specification of this weapon, so you can use it properly later in the game.


Famas is also one of the best assault rifle in Free Fire. As of today, there are many pro players that still using the famas in ranked mode.


Next is scar. This assault rifle weapon is really deadly for you to kill the enemy. For those of you who often use this weapon in battle royale, then you’ve made the right decision. This weapon is considered as the second groza, which is why this is a really deadly weapon for you to use.


The XM8 is an assault rifle that is considered easy to use and it also has a really good firing accuracy. This weapon is already attached with a 2x scope, making it easy to aim towards an enemy.


The M4A1 is a really powerful weapon if the attachment is complete. Make sure that after you use it, try to find some attachments. Attachment is really useful for you so that the M4A1 will be much better and stable. However, you need to be aware because there are some ways to counter the M4A1 in Free Fire that most players have already know.


AK47 is a really iconic weapon in every shooting game. This weapon exists in almost every shooting game in either PC or mobile. The AK47 has a really huge damage. But this weapon also has a huge recoil that is quite difficult to control.


The next weapon is the SKS, which is a sniper assault rifle. The range capability makes this weapon can be used as a sniper. And the semi auto firing mode can also make this weapon an assault rifle at the same time. We have a direct comparison of the SKS and the AK47 here to find out more about these weapons.


Almost the same with the SKS, the M14 can also become an assault rifle and a sniper at the same time. With the range capability and a reasonably high damage, the M14 is also the best assault rifle that you can use.


The M60 is actually a light machine gun. But in Free Fire, it is considered as an assault rifle, with 60 ammo capacity. The huge amount of ammo capacity can make you spray bullets longer than the enemy. And with a huge rate of fire, it can also be dangerous for the enemy to fight with.


The last weapon is the SVD. This is one of the assault rifle in Free Fire. The damage and range capability in Free Fire is quite huge, but the accuracy is not as good as the others.

And that’s some of the best assault rifle in Free Fire that you can use later in the game. Good luck and don’t forget to follow my esports!