The Best Weapon in Call Of Duty Mobile, Deadly Opponents!

Call Of Duty is a PC game that is famous this time together with Garena to bring this popular game to Mobile. They also launched Betanya before it was official for players to play. Until now, Call Of Duty Mobile has become a popular game both on Android and on iOS. There are some of Call Of Duty Mobile’s best deadly weapons that you deserve to try.

In Call Of Duty Mobile, the game offers lots of deadly weapons as well as attachments. The attachment itself is an accessory of a weapon which is very useful to add to the efficiency and effectiveness of weapons in killing opponents.

The Best Weapon in Call Of Duty Mobile is Deadly to Opponents

There are various kinds of weapons in COD Mobile that have their respective advantages. Usually players use according to their position when doing battle. An SMG weapon for players who like to rush. Then, there is the Assault Rifle which has painful damage used on players who want to kill their opponents faster. Even so, this weapon has a high recoil. Finally, there are Snipers who want to shoot from a long distance. Of course, there are many other weapons.

The M4 weapon in COD Mobile

The M4 weapon is an Assault rifle that is often used by players. The M4 weapon is a weapon that when you first play you will have the best weapon in Call Of Duty Mobile to kill this opponent.

The M4 COD Mobile weapon will inflict 45 points of damage on your opponent. Even though it deals small damage, this weapon has high accuracy with 70 points. This means that you will have a great chance of hitting your opponent when you shoot him.

AK47 COD Mobile weapon

The AK47 weapon is a very powerful weapon in COD Mobile. AK47 itself currently has the greatest damage among other Assault Rifle weapons. AK47 weapons have 70 points of damage to kill your opponents. Unfortunately, this weapon also has a weakness in its accuracy of only 45 points. That is, this weapon will be difficult to control when you do spray shots at your opponents.

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Even so, currently, AK47 Weapons are still often used by Call Of Duty Mobile players as their main weapon. This shows that AK47 is Call Of Duty Mobile’s best deadly weapon for opponents.

The M21 EBR COD Mobile weapon

This weapon is a weapon that is in the sniper category, where this weapon has a scope when it is first used. This weapon has enormous damage when hitting opponents. The players who are hit by a shot from this weapon to the head will immediately die on the spot. Meanwhile, when it hits the body, it requires at least two bullets so that the opponent lies dead.

Because it is a sniper, this weapon has a fairly long range and a fairly high fire rate for a sniper class weapon. You can have this weapon when you reach Level 25 in the game.

DL Q33 COD MOBILE weapon

Still with a Sniper weapon, this time there is a DL Q33 COD Mobile weapon that has enormous damage. When you are hit by just one bullet you will die even though it only hits your body.

Even though it has great damage, this weapon has a fire rate of only 15 points. This means that you cannot shoot frequently using this weapon. Because when you have shot once there will be a good pause for the next shooting.

COD Mobile’s M16 weapon

The M16 weapon is the most famous weapon among other weapons. This weapon has damage that is quite painful to guess compared to M4. But unfortunately, this weapon has not very good accuracy.

When you shoot this weapon you have the option to shoot in burst mode or shoot in single mode. Although the accuracy is not very good, this weapon has a good accuracy compared to the AK47.

In the Call Of Duty Mobile game, you will find approximately 24 kinds of weapons that you can use. Those are some of the best weapons in Call Of Duty Mobile for deadly opponents, in our opinion, you deserve to try. Have a nice play!