The Difference between Ganker and Roamer Mobile Legends and the ML Hero Skill!

When you hear the term about mobile legends ranking, you must understand that ganking is a way to get kills, burdens your opponent’s progress, and get farm from kills. Besides that, generally all heroes can do ganking, but not many know that ganking is usually done by two sub-roles gankers and roamer. This time we will discuss the differences between Ganker and Roamer Mobile Legends and the ML Hero Skills needed by these two roles

Ganker and roamer are not a main role, but they are a sub-role. Sub-role itself means a second or even third role because the main role in Mobile Legends is the most common marksman, fighter, mage, and others. Now here there are also forms of mobile legends roles such as mage-ganker, fighter-ganker or mage-roamer, fighter-roamer, or tank-roamer.

We will explain this further and in-depth about the sub-role gankers and roamer Mobile Legends. These two sub-roles will be very important for you to learn because without these two sub-roles your game will be very difficult. Teams that don’t have roamer or ganker will find it difficult to get the edge and tempo of the game. Besides that their team will usually always be in a difficult position because they always play unsafe.


Difference between Ganker and Roamer in Mobile Legends

Ganker as the name implies is a mobile legends hero who is very superior when doing ganking, but that doesn’t mean they are always better than roamer. It’s a bit confusing because gankers are not a definite role, but rather as an indicator of a hero’s ganking strength.

Gankers don’t have to be very aggressive heroes, but they can be used as counter-ganks. Counter-ganking here doesn’t mean how to count a gang, but how they can take advantage of the time lag created by the opponent’s gang who failed to fight them back or start a gang elsewhere.

Understand gankers and roamer in Mobile Legends and you will be able to have the advantage in playing later. Therefore don’t waste this knowledge and try to put it into practice right away.

Hero Ganker Skill

Generally, these gankers have several factors that support their task, such as stun, disable, slow, silence, or other CC. But not only that because gankers usually also have very high damage which is usually in the form of a burst.

The task of this ganker will be separated again with different types of gankers. Because the tankers themselves have a task that is combined with the roles of mobile legends and also the positioning of the mobile legends hero.


Unlike the ganker, if the ganker is a sub-role who will get an advantage when ganking, whether it is a kill or not, then the roamer is a hero who performs an important task before the ganker runs, namely opening the vision.

Vision is a very important factor in Mobile Legends because without the vision a ganker will walk blindly when doing his job, this is very dangerous because they will be trapped in the counter-gank of the opponent’s hero and hit by a trap or ambush.

Well, the job of a roamer is to make sure the map remains safe and can be skipped. Not only that, the roamer’s job can also be used when you invade your opponent’s jungle to find prey or just secure enemy buffs.

Roamer Hero Skill

Generally these roamer heroes have the advantage of sustain, MVSPD, or mobility or escape skills. But there are some aggressive roamer who carry deadly CC and can be dangerous to opponents who are hit by these roamer’s ganking setup.

Usually using a roamer will be the hero with the most deaths because their job is very light. But if you know the term trade then exchanging the roamer’s life against the opponent’s hero core will be counted as victory.

Of course, with this roamer, you can offer some protection for your mobile legends hero core team. In addition, you also stop the growth rate of your opponent’s hero core during the match

That’s the difference between gankers and roamer in Mobile Legends. It is quite in-depth and detailed because even though they have almost similar tasks, the two sub-roles are quite different because they will have more fairly different tasks.

It must be studied further if you want to form a compact team and fill each other’s shortcomings.