The Harrowing League Of Legends Event Will Begin, Comes Three Cool Skins

It’s not Halloween if there’s nothing creepy about it, that’s why Riot released three skins to enliven the harrowing event that will be coming soon. the three skins are Death Sworn Katarina, Viktor, and Zed

It has entered the middle of October where the harrowing event will also begin in the league of legends

Time for fear to spread everywhere, pumpkin fruit will continue to haunt you and of course you will find cool skins this year. Yesterday’s harrowing skin was at PBE and they looked creepy like ghost bones. Death Sworm Katarina, Zed, and Viktor and marked by their presence at PBE means we will just wait for their attendance at the live game in the next few weeks.

Death Sworn Katarina

Death Sworn Victor

Death Sworn Zed