The Latest Gloo Wall FF Counter Using This Free Fire Method, Guaranteed Damage!

Free Fire is a Battle Royale game that is pretty good so far, there are even a lot of total players in this game. Of course it’s natural, because the updates and developments provided are all quite interesting. Free Fire has been played by many people, so it is only natural that this game is very famous in the world. This time there is the Latest Gloo Wall FF Counter Using the Free Fire Method that you should know.

This game was developed directly by Garena, so of course all updates and events are always maintained. Even though yesterday there was a disturbing Free Fire Mehilang Character Bug, it is no longer there. So you guys can be comfortable playing the Free Fire game.

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In the future too, there is a leak of Free Fire’s new characters that look cool. Even for this leak, it turns out that there are those who say that he is the partner of Kapella the Best Support right now.

All events presented by Garena will usually be different for each server. One of them is Indonesia, which is currently holding a Booyah Ramadhan Free Fire Event. In this event, there are many prizes that are quite attractive.

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A gloo wall that is sometimes annoying is very important to use. With this Gloo Wall, you can play more safely. But there is a counter way if you fight the Gloo Wall

When you compete, of course, you need an item called the Gloo Wall. This is because, the Gloo Wall helps you to protect yourself from enemy attacks. But there are also several new ways to counter it.

Curious? Just look at the explanation in the article below.

Tips for the Best Free Fire Gloo Wall User Counter Now

  1. Using the RGS50

RGS50 is one of the best Launcher weapons in the Free Fire game, in addition to great damage it can also provide a very maximum range. Automatically in this way, later you won’t have to worry about using these weapons.

RGS50 It is very fast at destroying anything, especially the Gloo Wall. The faster the shots are fired, the easier it will be to destroy the Gloo Wall.

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  1. Flank

When the enemy is dying and is using the Gloo Wall, surely he is also using the Medic Kit behind it. When he has used it, he will come back to attack again. During this time, you have a good chance.

Where later, you just have to do Flank or attack from behind. That way, the enemy who is focused on healing can be killed easily.

  1. Destroy Using Any Way

Going back to Point 1, the most natural counter for this item user is destruction. The Gloo Wall has a lot of HP, but can be destroyed quickly too. There are many ways in this, of course you can also try the Tips for Destroying the Gloo Wall Free Fire quickly and correctly.

If the Gloo Wall is destroyed, the enemy will automatically panic and there will be a battle.

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  1. Using a Grenade

If you see an enemy behind the Gloo Wall, try to attack him using Grenades. This item has enormous damage, and is even able to kill enemies quickly without further ado.

Besides that, you can try Tips for Using Free Fire Grenades correctly. Later it can be maximal, the five threw it.

  1. Always Walk in the Middle of the Gloo Wall

If you want to approach the Gloo Wall user, just try to walk in the middle. In this way, later you will not be easy targets. Usually, the soft targets of people who want to approach the gloo wall are in the left and right corners.

  1. Surprise Her With Vehicle Collisions

In this Free Fire game, there is a Best and Strongest Vehicle that you can use. Even this vehicle, can also count the Gloo Wall user. If the collision is strong, it can destroy the Gloo Wall directly.

But if it’s not too hard, this damage can make the Gloo Wall easy to destroy. After crashing, get out and walk behind the section of the Gloo Wall. If he’s still there, you can kill him.

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So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? Are all of you interested in trying it?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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