The latest way to Pro Prone PUBG Mobile 2020, without getting caught!

If you are a PUBG Mobile player, surely you will understand that playing PUBG Mobile you must have a good strategy to win the game. When strategizing, the easiest thing to remember is to form a good compound. A good compound is a place that can protect you from free hit shots released by the enemy.

Apart from providing protection, the compound also functions as a place for you to survive to get to the next zone. The strategy for finding the right compound must vary because the area of ​​the zone continues to shrink and is unpredictable.

It often happens when players or a squad die because they don’t have compound, making it easier for their enemies to shoot. In fact, to make your own compound you don’t have to use a building or a house.

Then what things can be an alternative compound at an urgent time? Check out the explanation below!

Latest Prone PUBG Mobile Tips 2020

Wavy Plains Contour

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If you don’t get a compound in the form of a building, another alternative is to use an area with a bumpy structure or ground contour.

The bumpy terrain will give you an opportunity to cover your shot or get shot from the enemy. Make sure the plains at least make the enemy not easy to shoot at you.

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Trees, Rocks and Grass

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Sometimes the zone moves in the direction of a place that is completely flat or has no wavy contours. Another alternative to taking cover is to hide behind a tree or large rock.

If you don’t find a rock or a tree to take cover, you can use thick grass to hide or camouflage it by laying down or proning.

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It would be a different matter if you couldn’t find plants or natural objects that could be used for shelter. As in the Miramar and Vikendi maps which rarely have grass or trees, another alternative to making protection is by using a vehicle.

The vehicle you use for rotation can be used as a cover for cover. Remember to blow up the vehicle before using it as a shelter.

If you take cover behind a car that hasn’t been blown up, for example, then the car could be shot by the enemy, resulting in an explosion that kills you. So, first blow up your vehicle before it is used for shelter.

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Smoke Grenade

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The final option for creating a shelter or defense is to use smoke. In addition to making it easier for yourself when helping friends or looting in open places, smoke can also be used to block the enemy’s view of you for a while in an open place.

Usually PUBGM players will use smoke as self protection when the zone is very small and really does not have media as a shelter.

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From our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you understand some alternatives that can be used as protection compounds. Thank you for listening!