The Meaning of AFK in Free Fire (FF)

As you play Free Fire, you can actually get a punishment if you’re AFK. It’s because AFK can be disadvantageous for your teammate, especially in squad mode. So make sure to play the game until the end of it. Or at least, you can try not to disconnect for too long. If you do, there is a chance that you will be banned for a certain time. Here we have the meaning of AFK in Free Fire that you need to know.

AFK can be a really annoying thing that can occur in the game. It’s even better if you play terribly, rather than to completely AFK from the game. If you’re AFK intentionally or not, there is still a risk that you will get a punishment from the game.

However, some of you might not understand what AFK is. Here we have some information for you to tell you what AFK is. So you’ll know what are the things that can cause the AFK, and what’s the effect of it.

The Meaning of AFK in Free Fire (FF)

The meaning of AFK itself is Away From Keyboard. The meaning of Away From Keyboard is that you’re practically moving away from your keyboard, or you’re simply not playing the game. This term still relates in mobile games, even though the term is taken from PC games.

Make sure that you prevent things like this from happening, because the game will no longer be fun because of it. There are some rules about AFK in Free Fire that you need to know. And this is the direct cause of it.

As you play Free Fire, you are not allowed to AFK for more than 120 seconds or 2 minutes. If you’re not coming back in the two minutes period of time, you will be considered AFK by the game. Well, if you’re AFK in Clash Squad mode, you will immediately lose and get a punishment later on.

How to Prevent AFK in Free Fire

Free Fire is a fast paced game, and it requires an agile movement for every players in the game. It is actually allowed to stay still in the game. But make sure that you’re still doing some input like walking around, shooting, or changing the camera angle. By doing so, you will not be considered AFK by the game system.

And that’s some short information on the meaning of AFK in Free Fire. It is important for you to know the term and the consequences of it. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!