The newest FF Incubator Bundle Dark Tales Free Fire, is back!

Playing the battle royale game, of course, is quite fun because the sensations and challenges that are presented are all quite cool. One game that has this type and is still busy being played is Free Fire. This game that was developed directly by Garena, of course, presents many interesting features and updates for its players. This update brings the Latest Incubator FF Bundle, Dark Tales Free Fire, Back Again!

As we know, the free fire update aims to when playing the game you will never get bored later. Even the updates presented by Garena are all pretty good and very cool. Not only that, the events presented by Garena are all very interesting to get.

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The prizes from the event also usually present Bundles, Weapon Skins and other interesting items. With gifts presented like that, Garena also provides completion missions with a fairly easy level.

There are 2 of these events, free and paid. If you pay, you must use Diamonds to participate in the event. But if it’s free, just complete the mission to get the prize.

Until now, Garena still presents many interesting events for all of you.

The features presented by Garena too, shouldn’t be wasted. Because in this case, this feature is quite interesting to try, of course. For example, like the Spin Incubator, where you have to use Diamond in this case.

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But the prizes you get, of course, are pretty good and interesting. You have to do Spin to get Blue Print and Evolution Stone free fire. In this way, you can exchange the main Bundle Prize for the Spin.

So, on this occasion we will provide the latest dark tales Incubator Bundle Information on the Indonesian server.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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The Latest Bundle Incubator Dark Tales Free Fire Indonesia 2020

B Actually, there has been a leak with a bundle that has the theme of this free fire server ninja incubator bundle. So this time, this bundle is here on April 5, 2020. Dark Tales has 3 types of bundle options, where you can choose one of the bundles later. All of this is presented, especially by Garena, to all of you.

This bundle is pretty cool, especially when used in matches. Prove once, that you are the ones who will dominate the game. For the male bundle, use a wolf head mask on the head.

The appearance of things like this, of course, will make you cooler than before. With this, the Dark Tales Bundle for Boys brings a distinct impression from other bundles.

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Now for the Girl Bundle, she uses Hoddie and uses a mask on her mouth. Not only that, the appearance of the clothes is also quite good and attractive.

This bundle is divided into 3, so choose your best choice.

Glacial Wizard – Alpha Wolf

Battle Wolf – White Wizard

Ancient Wolf – Full Moon Wizard

You can Spin with 2 options, 1 Spin 60 Diamond and 5 Spin 240 Diamond. But we prefer, to choose the Spin 5 times option. The advantage that you can get, will be even bigger to get Blue Pring and Evolution Stone.

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So, those are some information on the Latest Bundle Incubator FF Dark Tales Free Fire that we can convey on this occasion. How? Are you interested in Spin now?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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