The Origin of Jess’s Giveaway Comments No Limit Be Yourself and Never Surrender

Have you ever asked about the origin of the Be Yourself and Never Surrender Comments on Jess No Limit’s content which asked for opinions about giveaway ?. Well, this gaming YouTuber uploaded a video about his attitude towards these comments.

According to the Indosport page, the gaming YouTuber seems to be irritated by these comments and he wants to get more constructive comments on the content on his channel.

In the past, Jess No Limit always routinely held giveaway to her loyal audience. That way the audience commented Be Yourself and Never Surrender, which was once a person being booming everywhere, even on other people’s YouTube channels.

Well, this time Jess no limit herself gave a statement of attitude in a video on the comment entitled “Please”.

“I implore you, don’t spam be yourself and never surrender comments. I have never asked people to comment like this, Jess is only one gaming YouTuber, ”said Jess’s no limit in the video.

In addition, he also said that comments like this got everywhere in every video upload even to the Ria Ricis channel which had nothing to do with gaming.

So, as a result, jess no limit can’t see good comments from his fans because the spam comments are booming to close the good comments.

“I’m sorry that since the giveaway yesterday, I always read your comments before. Honestly, since the giveaway, reading your comments has been difficult, ”said the YouTuber whose real name is Justin tobias.

This video was uploaded on June 22, 2020, and since then this spam comment is still visible in the latest upload even though it is not as many as during the last giveaway. This video upload has been viewed more than 2 million times to date.