The Phantom Bear FF Bundle Will Come to Free Fire Indonesia

Know that the Phantom Bear FF Bundle will be Available in Free Fire Indonesia, this will be one of the bundle items that we should not miss. Because of the appearance given by the Bundle too, it looks really good and usually too.

Of course with things like that, now you have the opportunity to get the Phantom Bear Bundle without any doubts. Because when you wear it, it will become a black bear who wants to hug everyone he sees.

For now, we still know that the Cobra Free Fire Bundle Feature is one of the best things to try. Then, in the future, the new bundle will definitely be very expensive when we buy it.

Maybe for what we know, the Phantom Bear FF Bundle will be available in Free Fire Indonesia, it will be cheaper and won’t cost you a lot when you have this cool bundle.

The Phantom Bear FF Bundle Will Come to Free Fire Indonesia?

So you could say that currently there are lots of updates included in the Free Fire game. Only for those who attend now, you will be able to know if a Bundle with the name Phantom Bear will be present and you can get it permanently later.

From the look that this new Bundle also gives, it does look really good to use. Of course you shouldn’t either, so you can ignore the latest events like this so you can get the Bundle.

This Bundle is a Black Bear, if you use the Bundle, it will be easier to be in a dark place. Because the Phantom Bear is made for a bear costume that is quite black and cannot easily be seen in the dark.

Of course that way you have to be sure too, that the Skin of this Phantom Bear must be obtained in any way. Because now we can also know, if there is a Free Fire Discount Festival Event that will be here to try with all of you.

Now at this new event too, it was reported that the Phantom Bear was an item that could be purchased at the event. So for now we have to, yes, to collect a lot of total diamonds in order to be able to buy this unique bundle.

If you knew yesterday’s Polar Bear Free Fire Bundle, now that is the reverse form of the snow-white Bundle. Maybe for this latest Bundle, you will be interested in collecting and having it in the Free Fire game right now.

Because what we know is the sale of the new bundle, it’s quite easy and won’t make you lose either. Moreover, what we know today, there are several interesting things that can be tried using this bundle.

Be one of the players who kill fiercely, because this bundle can be a mirror of frightening strength.

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After seeing the Phantom Bear FF Bundle Coming to Free Fire Indonesia, you might be interested in being able to get this new Bundle and use it when competing against enemies later too.

Then don’t forget if there are Tips to Get Diamond Spawn Island Free Fire that you can try. In this way, every day we who are in Spawn Island have the opportunity to get diamonds continuously.

Just follow the new info from the Free Fire game, by just following my Instagram Esports now. So that later new information and event updates, you can immediately find out about the Free Fire game that we are playing, too.