The reason Kaja Mobile Legends is rarely played in MPL ID Season 6

Mobile Legends Professional League Season 6 is now rolling in its third week. But throughout the MPL ID Season 6. Kaja’s sidelaner heroes who was previously widely played is now very quiet to be used in MPL ID Season 6. So what is the reason?

Kaja himself is a fighter support hero in Mobile Legends who is very suitable in terms of opponent ganking. The ability of this one hero is indeed very good at hooking, Kaja can attract opponents and deliver finishing attacks by his teammates.

The reasons themselves are quite diverse. Because Kaja is very annoying and very suitable for countering opponents well and the ability of his own single target is needed when the late game is very suitable for picking up Hyper Carry in a match.

Especially when the initial release of this hero, it was very, very dangerous. Now this one hero is less desirable and even rarely appears in competitive schemes.

Of course this has a reason, why is this one hero who was once the prima donna support in the Land of Dawn is now less desirable. Especially in the MPL ID Season 6 Mobile Legends tournament, here we summarize some of the causes that make it less desirable.

Getting a less effective Nerf

Kaja itself has been confirmed to have a quite spicy nerf in the previous Mobile Legends update patch game, so it makes Kaja quite sluggish to play and is no longer effective for the current meta hyper carry.

Kaja’s special abilities which can only attract opponents don’t seem to be needed anymore, and this task has been replaced by other heroes in Mobile Legends, let’s call it the Atlas hero who is currently the best meta in MPL ID Season 6 where his ability can attract 5 heroes at once, this is different from Kaja who is only one hero.

Has a relatively small damage

Kaja is considered less superior and complicated not to mention the small area of ​​damage after being nerfed makes him abandoned.

Even so, this hero has been used as support and offlaner, but it is not effective. Because it will benefit enemy offlaners who have thick blood and DPS and will weaken kaja.

Very Limited Area Skill

As a support in Mobile Legends, you must be able to accompany the carry hero while doing farming. And the kaja is less capable here, considering the area of ​​attack has narrow boundaries. Kaja will lose badly if he sees the current meta hero. Because they excel with a large area and are able to provide stun effects like Valir and Luo Yi.

Of course the players prefer Valir and Luo Yi. Kaja’s attack distance is short and he is often offside so it will be easy to kidnap him.

Abilities Now Replaced By Other Heroes’ Roles

Kaja has lost prestige since the presence of Marksman and Assassin heroes who have thin blood and are so vulnerable. Previously, kaja was able to hit the opponent and kidnap the enemy with his ulti, making him very frightening.

But the presence of new heroes like Khufra, Luo Yi and Atlas also eliminated his position. Because both Khufra and Luo Yi and Atlas can do damage and kidnap more enemies simultaneously while Kaja is only a single target.

No longer a threat to Hyper Carry

Purify battle spells are often used marksman / assassin. The release of the effect of the stun will help avoid ganking or when being targeted by enemies on team fight. The stun kaja has a fast duration, so it is difficult for the core to untie its bonds. It’s not a big threat to Ling and Hayabusa when using kaja. Because the ultimate duration has kaha finished they can run away and avoid team attacks easily.

They were able to break kaja ties with Purify. It will be very difficult if you remember two meta supports accompanying the carry.

Lose If One By One With Meta Hero

Even so, every hero in Mobile Legends has its own advantages, and kaja is famous for kidnapping enemy heroes in deadly ways. However, with the presence of the atlas everything was broken because the kaja could be locked by the atlas.

Kaja also has a counter, namely Luo Yi with his yin yan combination, he can hold kaja when he is about to attract an opponent. Because the risk is very high when using kaja, many avoid using this hero.

So, those are some of the things that make Kaja rarely played, especially in the MPL ID Season 6 tournament, which is currently entering its third week. Hopefully this review can be useful especially for those of you who are players of the Mobile Legends game.

Even though it has high potential if played correctly, Kaja has not yet gotten a good chance. Indeed, Kaja is known as a niche pick now and requires the right strategy to be strong.

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