The Salary for the Pro Player Esports in Mobile Legends Indonesia, How Much is the Salary?

For those of you esports fans, whether players or not, you are usually curious about the salary of someone who plays esports at a high level. Indeed, the salaries of Indonesian Esports pro players are somewhat different. There are so many factors that affect the salaries of these players.

Regarding the factors that affect quite a lot about the salary of these pro players. Whether their organization is big or not, their games are popular or not, contracts, and so on. These can differ greatly from one another. Even a team can be different if it depends on the contract.

So here, one of the RRQ co-founders discussed this. Andrian Pauline or more commonly known as RRQ.AP provides a salary range for pro players. Now with this for those of you who are curious about how much salary they get, you can see here.

Kulik with us regarding the salary of pro Indonesian esports players. The enthusiasm for esports that has greatly increased in Indonesia is indeed very good for this ecosystem. Especially with support from many directions, the future could be very good for all who participated.

Salary for Indonesian Esports Pro Player

Being the best is not easy. This also applies to the esports scene where only the best can survive playing at the top. Therefore their skills and expertise are highly valued and may be of great importance to the accommodating teams and organizations.

In the attached video, AP opens up about the salary of a pro esports player. UntuAlthough he doesn’t say for sure, but at least this range can make us speculate. This is a typical average number. So each team will be different for sure.

I don’t want to represent one of the esports organizations, huh. As far as I know the range is in the US $ 200 to US $ 6,000

This value is for the players in Indonesia today. Maybe at least US $ 300 because there are rules for the UMR and others. Meanwhile, there are some Indonesian players who get special salaries, especially those who play abroad

The salary here is quite high. Means that memag varies from 4.4 to 88 million Rupiah. But this figure is fantastic considering this is the basic salary figure. Not counting bonuses, tournament prizes and sponsors. Not to mention if someone is streaming and getting more there.

And keep in mind that their task is not easy. They don’t just play because they have to become a brand for the organization. Starting from interaction with fans to the good name of the organization on their shoulders.

With the high salary figures for Indonesian Esports pro players, this is indeed quite tempting. Considering that AP only says in Indonesia, it means that to play in other big world organizations the figure could be even higher. Also follow our social media on Instagram.