The SCAR-L skin I See You is here at the PUBG Mobile Blue Secret Lucky Draw Event

PUBG Mobile has entered the New Era with an overhaul. Event after event is presented to enliven the new era of this favorite battle royale game. One of them is the Blue Secret event. It turns out that the SCAR-L I See You skin was present at the PUBG Mobile Blue Secret Lucky Draw event and in the following we will provide complete information.

As a battle royale game known for its complex gameplay, PUBG Mobile still provides entertainment by presenting cosmetic items. Its function is to beautify the appearance of the character and also the weapons it uses.

Various events have been present since this game entered the New Era. It is through these events that we can find various attractive offers in the form of cosmetic items, such as outfit sets, weapon skins, and other skin items. One of the events currently taking place offering attractive prizes is the Blue Secret Lucky Draw event.

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Blue Secret Event

The Blue Secret event has been present at PUBG Mobile since 12 October and will end on 25 October. This Lucky Draw event presents a variety of cosmetic items I See You with eye patterns with a combination of blue, white and yellow.

Starting from backpack skins, pan skins, to parachute skins were present at this Blue Secret Lucky Draw event. For complete information about the various attractive offers for the skins I See You at this Blue secret event, you can read in the article: Various Skins I See You Present at the Blue’s Secret PUBG Mobile Event.

Lucky Draw Blue Secret

The Lucky Draw event this time presents a variety of attractive prizes. The main thing is, of course, the I See You skin item.

The way to draw is easy. You only need to log in to the PUBG Mobile game to get free draws. If you’re not lucky, you just need to spend 30 UC to make one draw.

Skin SCAR-L I See You Present at the Blue Secret Lucky Draw Event

It doesn’t stop there, it turns out that this Blue Secret event still provides other cosmetic items. This time there is a weapon skin SCAR-L I See You, which you can get permanently only at the Blue Secret Lucky Draw event offer.

Interestingly, in this SCAR-L weapon skin, you don’t find eye patterns as seen in other I See You skin items. This weapon skin still takes a blue and yellow color combination. Blue as the basic color that fills the entire body of the weapon and with the addition of a yellow hue.

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That’s the info regarding the Blue Secret Lucky Draw event, which presents a variety of attractive offers, especially the I See You skin items available ranging from backpack skins to SCAR-L weapon skins. Login now and make your first draw. Thank you!