The statistics of MPL S5 VS MPL S6, getting more fierce?

Udil MPL S5 vs S6 statistics. Mobile Legends players, especially fans of the esports scene, must know Udil. Udil, who used to be a former ONIC player, is now only one season apart and has moved and plays for Alter Ego. His move certainly amazed many people.

When playing for ONIC, Udil played very well. He is one of ONIC’s best players and of course in MPL. The reason is because he can continue to play very consistently and bring excellent results. With a total of 14 games in Season 5, Udil can bring pretty good results for ONIC.

But this time in Season 6 there is a surprising change. Udil, who is the favorite player of ONIC fans, must move to Alter Ego. Of course, no one would have thought because one of the star players from ONIC just walked out and moved to their rival in MPL, namely Alter Ego.

Here we will provide interesting information about the Udil MPL S5 vs S6 statistics. The ONIC star who now plays for Alter Ego is certainly interesting to discuss. Unexpectedly it would come out to Alter Ego, this time he had a pretty positive stat.

Udil MPL S5 vs S6 statistics

Seen from the stat given by MPL, Udil has a pretty good stat. In Season 5, he is arguably one of the best players in MPL thanks to his fairly high stats in all aspects. 14 games passed, he scored an average score that could make him into at least the top 6.

But unfortunately in Season 6 he hasn’t been able to show many good results. The reason is because Udil has only played twice. But these two games aren’t so bad. Having a very high average KDA and APG makes him fairly consistent. Although there are still many games waiting for him and Alter Ego, it is still the first step to their success.

Those are the Udil MPL S5 vs S6 statistics which are quite good. Playing for Alter Ego now even though he only had time to play two games, he arguably brought quite good results. It is hoped that this can be maintained or even improved throughout the season.

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