The story of Lylia in Mobile Legends, Dark Magician in the Land of Dawn ML!

Lylia’s story in Mobile Legends is quite interesting to reveal. Lylia is one of the Mage heroes in Mobile Legends who has a pretty good burst damage skill. Lylia has a skill that can inflict considerable damage on her opponent. Even in the early game, this hero is able to kill his enemies easily through his combo burst damage skill.

Lylia is a hero mage who is often played as a support hero because her skills are suitable for providing good follow-up to the core hero of your team. Lylia also has the ultimate skill which is quite troublesome where she can move to the place before she was and restore her HP. We will discuss the story of Lylia in Mobile Legends here.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the story of Lylia in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know the complete story of Lylia’s hero in Mobile Legends in full, let’s just take a look at the complete explanation of the story of her hero Lylia below!

The story of Lylia in Mobile Legends, Dark Magician in the Land of Dawn ML!

It is said that one day in the dungeon of the magic academy, there were danger signs that appeared and gave warnings everywhere. This is indeed a danger for ordinary magicians, but for dark magicians. The loud explosion and potent smell made the dungeon place very tense, the atmosphere was like a haunted house.

There are only a few people who come and are willing to be good friends with a dark magician because a dark magician is considered a dangerous person. As a pure breed of Dark Magician, Lylia has a fairly unique character and she has excellent creativity.

According to the book in the Magic Academy, it is said that Lylia’s parents used to be the highest rulers among other dark magicians and became one of the founders of the magic academy. However, due to the high destructive power possessed by dark magicians, Lylia’s parents were forced to leave the magic academy.


The story of Lylia in Mobile Legends, Dark Magician in the Land of Dawn ML!

The story of Lylia in Mobile Legends is treated differently because she is a dark magician. Lylia is often seen as a troublemaker by those around her. Lylia’s fate was so pity, but even so she never gave up on her obsession as a dark magician.

Lylia believes that a dark magician can change the course of time, as if connecting the past and the future. Through this power he wants to meet his parents again in the past.

But when Lylia opens the portal of Time and Space, there are always obstacles, such as meteors and monsters that attack her. There was something strange that happened when Lylia opened the portal and it turned out that a unique monster named Snores came out of the portal.

He really liked Lylia’s magic energy. When Lylia uses magic power, Snores can multiply herself quickly and in large numbers. Since then they were friends and Lylia felt confident that she could develop her Dark Magic power well.

Now that’s an explanation of the story of Lylia in Mobile Legends that we have discussed. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Read the story about Lylia properly and correctly so that you know who the real Lylia is in Mobile Legend!