The story of Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends, the ML Dark Dragon

Mobile legends always make background stories from all the heroes they make. The background of this hero is indeed quite exciting to follow. therefore, if you have time, it doesn’t hurt to read hero stories on mobile legends.

Yu Zhong is one of the fighter heroes who just appeared in Mobile Legends a few days ago after the season change. Yu Zhong has quite strong characteristics because this hero is a pure fighter hero and his strength comes from the Black Dragon.

Yu Zhong has a story that is quite interesting in Mobile Legends where the Yu Zhong story involves several heroes such as women and Luo Yi. The background story of this hero Yu Zhong is quite interesting, where Yu Zhong’s background is told to become a hero who has the power of a black dragon where his strength is very strong.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the story of Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know the story of this hero, let’s just take a look at the full story below!

The story of Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends, the Black Dragon!

The story of Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends starts from a place called Cardia Riverland, which was once a peaceful residence under the protection of the Great Dragon. But the peace was disturbed by a meteor that fell and gave rise to a new dragon named Black Dragon. Previously there had been prophecies stating that a dragon would emerge from the darkness whose ambition was to destroy the dragon altar and dominate the Cardia Riverlands.

Yu Zhong contemplated the evil power within him where in his past life he was a Black Dragon. Without realizing it, Yu Zhong continued to step his feet until he reached the Reverse Scale where it was one of the forbidden places and had been sealed for thousands of years. Reverse Scale slowly devoured Yu Zhong’s body which resulted in him mutating into a Black Dragon. The Great Dragon and all the Oriental Knights came to stop him.

But the plan was discovered by Luo Yi so he cursed in one place to trap the oriental hero who came to save Yu Zhong using his Yin Yang circle. Of the many Oriental heroes, only WanWan managed to escape from Luo Yi thanks to her agility.


Saved by Wanwan

WanWan tried to open Yu Zhong’s memory when he was critical because WanWan always believed that Yu Zhong had a good heart and personality. He ran towards Yu Zhong while carrying the primordial spirit and immersed it in Yu Zhong’s body.

The Primordial Spirit joining the scale made Yu Zhong have a strong determination so that his consciousness was not completely overpowered by the Black Dragon. This he managed to do with him being able to control the change in form between humans and dragons. This was all planned by Yu Zhong because Wanwan’s innocence would allow him to obtain the primordial spirit he needed to combine with his Reverse Scale.

After turning into a dragon Yu Zhong flies to the sky and Luo Yi is very angry because it turns out that all this time Yu Zhong has been very cunning and only takes advantage of Luo Yi. Thanks to the great power of the Black Dragon in his body, Yu Zhong has the desire to bring down the Great Dragon one day. From the story, it was revealed that Black Dragon was one of the Great Dragon’s best disciples.

Now that’s an explanation of the story of Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends which we have discussed for you. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. That is all and thank you!