There are more forest updates in Free Fire (FF)

Maybe this will be one of the Forest Updates in Free Fire So More and More, all things like this are quite interesting and you really shouldn’t miss all of these things. Because there are still some interesting things that can be obtained from these events too, so you really can’t miss all of them.

Especially from the information that is currently present, maybe you should also know that there are some important things from the next event leak. Like this too, where is the Winterfest Black Winter Free Fire Event. Indeed, at the beginning it was reported that it would be present, but for the next we don’t know whether it will be fully present or not.

There are still some new updates coming to this game, so you guys are ready with all of that. Check out the explanation directly in the article below.

There are more forest updates in Free Fire

So when you compete in this game, there must be a lot of unique and interesting things for all to try. Especially if for the former Forest Area, it was also present in abundance in this game. But for now, I don’t know why the update from the Forest change has been removed by Garena and makes players feel lost too.

Last 2018

In 2018, we did have the appearance of the new Bermuda map. Where the forests that are present in several locations are quite dense, where we didn’t even need the item called the Gloo Wall. Because there are lots of trees to protect your position when it is in the open, but after a while the update has also disappeared.

The number of things like this is indeed quite strange and is one of the most asked questions why dense forests are being removed. Even though there are many players who like the map situation like that. Then there is a possibility, for example, that there is a connection with Free Fire’s latest 2.0 Bermuda Map that will be present. That way, of course all of these provisions are quite strange.

But if it’s possible for now, it seems like Garena wants to update the forest changes that are present in Remastered Bermuda. As is happening with the November Free Fire Advanced Server now. There are lots of unique and interesting things for you to get when you compete in this Free Fire game.

Maybe it will bring a unique impression to all of you, so don’t miss all the new information. Because what we know is that this is coming back, it means that there are big benefits that you can also get later. A map with a dense forest, it will definitely bring the impression that this match will look more exciting too.

Not too often hanging on the gloo wall when playing, all you have to do is approach the tree for cover. After that, this Gloo Wall item will definitely be more economical without the need for us to waste it when fighting later.

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