This is the Best Weapon of VALORANT Rifles, Get Ready To Play In Summer

Assault Rifle, or AR is a type of weapon that is very popular in shooter and other FPS games, VALORANT is no exception. This latest game made by Riot Games also has a lot of powerful AR that you can use later.

Of the many weapons in VALORANT, AR is still the main choice to use because based on its stats, this weapon has a stat that is above average. Has high damage and accuracy, AR becomes main weapon for a lot of people.

Here we will provide some of the best AR that you can use when playing VALORANT. Of course, this guide will be very useful when the game is officially released for global in the summer.


If you like using AK in CSGO games, surely Vandals will be your main weapon. Vandal has a very high weapon stat, even though it only has 25 bullets from its magazine, this weapon can do 156 damage if it hits a headhot. Besides that, Vandal also has recoil which is rather difficult to adjust because it has a high stat.

What makes this weapon so good is that Vandal doesn’t have any damage drop-offs at a distance of 50 meters. This is of course very strong because it makes Vandal an effective weapon at long and also near distances because of the very high damage. For players who have good accuracy and aiming, getting kills from a distance is not a problem.


The Phantom can be likened to an M4A1-s in the CSGO game. An AR that, although it doesn’t have as stunning damage as Vandal, Phantom has accuracy, spreads, and RoF that are arguably the best in the game. This weapon has 30 bullets in its magazine, and coupled with high RoF and good accuracy, this weapon is suitable for use at close and medium ranges.

There is only one problem, namely the damage dropoff which is fairly bad. An example is this weapon has almost the same damage as Vandal with the same headshot damage at close range, but when it reaches a distance of 15-30 meters, the damage is reduced very drastically. The damage reduced by 16 points will definitely hurt your DPS. Therefore, this weapon is not good for long range use, unlike the Vandals.

Even so, this weapon is still a very good choice. Having good RoF and accuracy, you could say this weapon has better DPS than Vandals at close range. Besides that, with RoF and a higher number of bullets, of course, spraying and getting a headshot will be easier.


Guardian is a semi-automatic weapon that has very high accuracy and damage, very deadly if you are good at using semi-automatic weapons. 200 credits cheaper than the Phantoms and the Vandals, this weapon is not very suitable at close and medium range, unfortunately.

If you are not confident in using semi-automatic weapons, surely Vandal or Phantom is the better choice.


Bulldog is the cheapest AR in the game, it could possibly be likened to a FAMAS-ya VALORANT at a pittance of 2100 credits. The reason this weapon is so cheap is because as an AR, the Bulldog doesn’t have very good stats. But maybe you can use this as an addition firepower on the team or when you want to do forcebuy.

It has accuracy and RoF that is not so bad, maybe you can buy this in the early game with the Bulldog + armor + abilites combo instead of buying expensive AR.

Those are some of the strongest ARs in VALORANT. This competitive FPS game might be a breath of fresh air for FPS game fans, especially those who want to play pro. VALORANT will be out in the summer of this year and is expected to come from June to September.