This is the reason for EVOS Legends AFK when fighting ONIC Esports in MPL ID Season 6!

There were things that made EVOS Legends fans disappointed in the first match when EVOS fought ONIC Esports in MPL ID Season 6. In this match all EVOS Legends teams performed AFK simultaneously.

This was first seen during the course of the first match, where EVOS Legends often asked to pause during the match. This also triggers something strange from the inaugural match between EVOS Legends and ONIC Esports.

Both teams are equally strong, in the early minutes of the match, the EVOS Legends team managed to excel in the match and got Sanz’s First Blood at the start of the match.

This is the reason for EVOS Legends AFK when fighting ONIC Esports in MPL ID Season 6 Week 3!

In the 4th minute, EVOS Legends made another move by ganking offlaner, antimage had to face 3 teams from EVOS Legends at once and had to fall and lose 2 lanes to ONIC Esports.

In the course of this match, EVOS Legends managed to dominate the match against ONIC Esports, but here, there is a strange oddity. First, the game is often paused until it says that one of the players from EVOS Legends is having technical problems.

The match was paused twice at the request of EVOS Legends which at that time, it was quite difficult for EVOS Legends to maintain the match. Simultaneously, at the end of the match, EVOS Legends performed one team AFK and the match between EVOS Legends and EVOS Esports was won by ONIC Esports.

The Reasons That Make EVOS Legends AFK One Team!

At the end of the match we saw a team from EVOS Legends AFK from inside the base, and ONIC Esports quickly ended the match. The audience is of course looking for the problem that made the EVOS Legends team have to do AFK, but apparently, one of the EVOS Wannn players experienced a lag throughout the game.

Two pauses in the match because Wann experienced a lag during the start of the match, the EVOS Team, especially Rekt, tried to tell the committee to pause but this was not done. This is what makes EVOS Legends perform AFK simultaneously.


Successfully dominating at the beginning of the match and making ONIC Esports pressured but having to lose due to one of the teams being lagged and having to play unbalanced, EVOS Legends had to lose the first match.

As for the end of the match, quite a lot of spectators mentioned to be paused as long as the technical problem occurred, but the casters and organizers said that the Pause rule in MPL ID Season 6 only has 5 minutes in one match.

EVOS Legends has used the 5 minutes so that when EVOS Rekt asked the game to pause again this was not done by the MPLS Committee.

It’s quite unfortunate what happened in the first match between EVOS Legends and ONIC Esports this time, but there is still a chance for EVOS Legends to win in the second match of MPL ID Season 6.

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