Time Sequence to Build Chang’e Mobile Legends Items, Little ML is Deadly

Chang’e Mobile Legends is one of the Mage heroes that is often played in season 16 this time. With his agility and cuteness, this hero is able to overwhelm the enemy, especially if Chang’e uses the following Chang’e Mobile Legends Build Time Sequence.

As a hero mage who is quite actively played. The following is a sequence of build recommendations that you can use to play the Chang’e hero in Mobile Legends. Are you curious about what builds can make Chang’e become ferocious? Come on, see the following rows.

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Time Sequence of Chang’e Mobile Legends Items

This time the order of build time for Chang’e items in Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who need tips in building Build. We have the best way.

Early Game

  • Star Shard
  • Magic Shoes
  • Arcane Boots
  • Glowing Wand
  • Genius Wand

Star Shar is a jungle item that you can use for Chang’e. You can use this item freely, although it doesn’t matter, just using the Curse Sword is enough to help Change do Farming.

Then you can use Arcane Boots to increase Magic Damage or Magic Shoes to help increase CD. Now a mandatory item, after all, you can use the Glowing Wand to increase Magic Damage in the Early game. As an alternative, you can use the Genius Wand which is suitable for reducing enemy defense.

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Mid Game

  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Holy Crystal
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Divine Glaive

In the mid game, you can buy the Ice Queen Wand which you can rely on as the main lifesteal item for Change. In addition, this item can also have a slow effect on the enemy so that the change will be easy to attack.

You can also add Lightning Truncheonn or Holy Crystal to increase Chang’e’s damage afterwards. Then there are other recommendations such as Clock of Destiny and Divine Glaive that you can use to increase Chang’e’s Magic Damage while in the Mage Game.

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Late Game

  • Immortality
  • Athena Shield
  • Blood Wings

Now, your choice when the late game is Immortality can give a resurect effect for 2 seconds when Chang’e is defeated. This item is able to make Chang’e Comback by providing the ultimate attack with a large addition of Magic Damage.

But if the enemy has many mage heroes, and you are overwhelmed by them. You can use the Athena Shield which can neutralize the crowd control attacks you receive. This item also provides a shield on the change to absorb the enemy’s magic damage attacks.

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Now if you don’t think you need to use the two defense items above, you can add magic damage by using Blood Wings. Of course if in the Late Game this item will give spicy damage. At the same time, Blood Wings is the last item that Chang’e has chosen.

Now that’s the time sequence for item recommendations for Chang’e hero in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this article can help you when playing the hero Chang’e.