Tips and Tricks Against Roshan!

As we know, one of the winning factors when playing Dota 2 is how your team can maximize the chance to kill Roshan and get the Aegis of the Immortal. However, sometimes many people make mistakes because of things that are considered ‘trivial’ which lead to defeat. Here are tips and tricks to kill Rosha.

1. Communicate when you want to kill Roshan

Maybe some people are already sensitive when the team will take Roshan, but actually communication is the key to ensuring that the team is aware and ready to take Roshan.

In some cases, a player without warning against Roshan alone, then he bleeds or even dies in the opposing team, and ultimately blames the team that did not cover on him.

Even though using voice chat, typing fast messages like ‘rs’, ‘rosh’ or even just pinging Roshan’s location in the hope that the team will come to help you is much better than secretly coming to Roshan pit alone.

2. Do not fight Roshan alone, unless you are Ursa

When the hero level was still low, it would be very difficult to kill Roshan alone. High-level core heroes might be able to fight Roshan himself, but it is highly recommended to invite at least one player so that Roshan dies faster and can survive if something bad happens.

Unlike Ursa, this hero is able to fight Roshan alone even at level 1. The Fury Swipes skill makes it easy for Ursa to beat Roshan, and Ursa rarely needs the help of friends if there is no threat from the opposing team. But there are things that need to be considered when you choose Ursa, because there is a possibility that the enemy team will try to take Roshan first, so you have to be careful.

3. Install wards around Roshan pit

The key to beating Roshan is knowing when the time is right to do it. And the best way to find out is to put wards around the Roshan pit.

Observers and Sentry wards cannot be installed in the Roshan pit, but you can install them outside the Roshan pit to make sure all areas are safe. That way, your team will not be caught red-handed if the enemy team decides to disturb you while you are busy fighting Roshan.

4. Don’t forget to deward!

Your opponent is not a bot, they might have put a ward around the Roshan pit first. If you don’t deward around the Roshan pit area, especially the two side ladders of the mid lane, the enemy can easily take a square attacking you. Conversely, if you see an enemy heading for Roshan, try to avoid the fight inside the Roshan pit whenever possible, lure and distract the enemy to fight outside.

And the most important thing is to always be ready Sentry wards or Gems just in case an invisible hero tries to steal your Aegis.

5. Use Smoke of Deceit

Often wards are installed around Roshan pit, making Smoke of Deceit items an option because by using Smoke the two types of wards cannot detect your presence. Smoke of Deceit is only destroyed when you meet enemy heroes directly.

Besides being useful for taking Roshan, Smoke of Deceit can also be used to ambush enemies who are fighting Roshan. The right surprise attack can make it harder for the enemy to defend and be an advantage for your team.

6. Don’t focus on Roshan if there are other options

Defeating Roshan is indeed an advantage for the team, but that is not the main goal of the Dota 2 game. Sometimes players become a dilemma between killing Roshan or destroying the existing Tower.

You have to be smart in observing the conditions of the game, if all enemy heroes die, destroying the tower in one lane is as important as killing Roshan. Even if you can destroy a set of barracks it can make it easier for you to fight Roshan, because the opposing team will be busy due to pressure from creeps.