Tips and Tricks for Free Fire Shotgun, FF’s Strongest Rush Weapon

Of the many types of weapons in Free Fire, the Shotgun is the most interesting type of weapon. With very high melee damage, even one shot, the Shotgun is often used as a one-shot rush weapon. The shotgun used as a rush weapon has a reason.

The unique thing about the Shotgun is the shape of the bullet that comes out of the gun barrel. If the other guns shoot straight bullets one by one, the Shotgun is a little different here. The shotgun releases a “pellet” type of bullet. This pellet is in the form of a small bullet that spreads out when fired. In the Free Fire Shotgun, it will fire the sickest bullets at the closest distance.

Because Shotguns have deadly bullets, they become suitable weapons at close range. Unfortunately the Shotgun is ineffective at long distances due to the scattered bullets.

Shotguns are a bit tricky, especially when used at close range. But if you use this weapon properly then you will have a lot of advantages.

Here we will provide many tips on using Shotgun in Free Fire to make your Shotgun game even stronger.

When you play Shotgun, always aim for your target in the chest up or headhshot. This is because the Shotgun is a weapon with very high basic damage so attacking the head is a fatal attack. Shotguns that use the pump action type have a slow rate of fire, so if you miss a close distance or don’t kill the enemy, they will easily fight back.


Free Fire has a pretty weird mechanic. When you squat down, the accuracy of your weapon will be higher, but Shotguns don’t have an accuracy stat because their bullets are scattered. If you use a Shotgun and while squatting shoot, eat spread or your bullet scatter will be narrower, making Shotgun shots even more deadly.


One downside to using Shotguns is their very slow reload time. When using a Shotgun, your reloading will be slower if a lot of bullets are wasted. This is because the Shotgun reloads the bullets one by one.


When playing Shotgun, try to be able to play aggressively. This is because playing Shotgun will look for high damage. If you just play around this is not good.


The great thing about the Shotgun is that it doesn’t require a lot of attachments. With the Shotgun you can immediately look for enemies to get a kill.


If you use a Shotgun always have another medium / long weapon. This is because the Shotgun cannot be used at a longer distance.

Those are some tips and tricks for using the Shotgun in Free Fire. This very deadly weapon at close range can kill enemies from a very close range with just one shot. Strong enough in the right hands, the Shotgun is the best weapon at close range.