Tips for Adjusting the Best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile Lite!

This time we have tips for PUBG Mobile Lite, which is a way to adjust sensitivity controls. The success of PUBG as a battle royale game has made this game release various versions. For smartphone consoles, PUBG released the usual Mobile version and the Mobile Lite version for a lighter size.

PUBG Mobile is a game with the best battle royale genre with a more serious and challenging game style. To reach a wider level of society, PUBG released a lighter version of the game, namely PUBG Mobile Lite. With lowering the level of graphics and more concise gameplay, it doesn’t make the serious PUBG-style game experience less.

As a mobile game, making PUBG is considered difficult because it has many buttons. The touch screen must be arranged in such a way as to make the game controls more comfortable. So, here are the best tips for setting sensitivity controls in PUBG Mobile Lite.

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Regarding Sensitivity on PUBG Mobile Lite

In mobile games, adjusting the sensitivity on the smartphone’s touch screen is very important. With the right level of sensitivity, it will make it easy for players to make movements or shoot when competing.

Conversely, if the level of sensitivity is not suitable for you, then the player will have difficulty moving his character, including shooting when shooting and so on. For example, when the sensitivity level is too slow it will make you have to respond to the situation in the match and at worst it can get you killed by other players. Conversely, if the sensitivity level is too fast it will make it difficult for you to aim at your opponent because it is unbalanced.

Here are the best tips for adjusting the sensitivity level in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Tips for Adjusting Sensitivity on PUBG Mobile Lite

First of all, you have to open the sensitivity setting menu in this game by clicking the gear icon in the right corner of the screen on the lobby page of PUBG Mobbile Lite. Then select the Sensitivity tab. There are 3 types of sensitivity settings, namely as follows.

1. Camera Sensitivity

The first sensitivity setting is for the camera sensitivity level. If you play in Free Look mode, you can set the sensitivity level to the highest level to make it easier for you to move and look around in just one swipe. If you are playing in FPP mode, you can simply set the sensitivity to an intermediate level.

2. ADS Sensitivity

For those of you who play in ADS mode, there are several points that must be considered in adjusting sensitivity. At the Holographic, No Scope, Red Dot, and x2 Scope points you can set them to the highest level. For higher scope points, you should set the sensitivity lower and lower.

3. Gyroscope

Third, there is a setting for the sensitivity of the gyroscope. This function is useful for allowing you to control the recoil of your weapon by tilting the screen of your smartphone. Set the Gyroscope’s sensitivity to the highest level.

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Those are the tips for adjusting the sensitivity level on PUBG Mobile Lite. Maximizing sensitivity can make you more comfortable when playing. To find the most comfortable level of sensitivity, of course you need a long flight time to try it. Thank you!