Tips for Explosive Free Fire Mode, Make FF Booyah!

There are indeed many modes that are presented in this game and we also have a new mode that is exciting too. Where this is the Explosive Jump Free Fire Mode, of course the new mode that is coming back into this game is quite awaited by many players. So of course all of you later who are tired of playing in the battle royale, can immediately play in that mode. Well, this time there are Tips for the Explosive Free Fire Mode which keeps on shaking on FF

So for now so that you can play well later, you have to follow a few tips first. Because if you can try and follow the tips that we provide, surely those whose names play in Explosive Jump mode will be better. Maybe from now on, you are already curious about these tips, right?

Best Tips for Playing in Free Fire Explosive Jump Mode

In the following we will provide some useful tips when playing explosive jump free fire mode. So watch this huh

  1. Use the Alvaro Character

Explosive is a meaning that says this is Explosion, so for the problem of explosions in Free Fire we have one character who is brave about it. Yup he is Alvaro who is one of the best characters, to control and make this Mode match will be burning again.

The ability of Alvaro’s character too, is pretty good and definitely deadly when you use it later. Especially for now Alvaro has become one of the Meta characters, so playing in this mode will definitely be even more dangerous. So this character has the ability, where he can increase the performance of the explosive weapon.

For example, when using a launcher, the damage from this weapon will increase and the range of the weapon will also increase. Of course this will definitely be very useful, for us to use later. So this way you guys too, don’t forget to use Alvaro.

  1. Wear Jump Shoes

In this mode, there is an item that is quite cool, which is called Jumping Shoes. So the ability of this item also makes you jump quite high, like being pushed with a big explosion when you make a high jump later.

But you also don’t use this item carelessly, because there is a cooldown that is quite long and must be used properly. Besides that, you also have to pay attention to the height of this jump, because of course it also affects the cellphone that you are going to sacrifice.

  1. Don’t be riotous

When you play in this mode and find enemies who are fighting, don’t hesitate to disturb them later. Because it will also be useful for, making the enemy distracted and unfocused. Moreover, later you can easily too, to kill the enemy who is fighting it.

Tips for the Explosive Free Fire Mode because of the damage given from the battle, it is quite large and you can be said to be the player who executed the two enemies. Of course this will be one of the best solutions, when you play in that mode too.

  1. Get to Know the Launcher Weapons You Use

Tips for the last Explosive Free Fire Mode in this mode you can only use Launcher weapons of course, of course that is quite challenging. Because with this weapon later, we can also deal quite a lot of damage to the enemies you attack.

There are only 3 Launcher weapons that are presented in the Free Fire game. But almost all of these weapons have enormous damage, of course you are all easy to defeat the enemy later. But also pay attention when using this weapon, because if you hit it yourself the damage is also enormous.

Explosive Mode has indeed been presented to the Free Fire game, but we can only enjoy it for a few moments. Because later it will be replaced with another new mode, of course you don’t forget to try this mode later.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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