Tips for jumping according to shooting mode in PUBG Mobile, players must know!

In the vast world of PUBG Mobile’s battle royale, players must be able to overcome various problems found in the game. So this time we will provide tips on jumping according to the shooting mode in PUBG Mobile in the following article that you can try in the match.

PUBG Mobile is a shooter game with a battle royale type. There are various maps available on PUBG Mobile. Each map has different characteristics.

The maps that are present at PUBG Mobile also have different sizes. From the smallest start, namely the Livik with 2x2km. Up to the biggest ones, namely Erangel and Miramar, each measuring 8x8km.

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The size of the PUBG Mobile map area allows each player to explore various areas on a map. The long duration of the match also facilitates this.

Tips for jumping according to shooting mode in PUBG Mobile

  tips jump according to shooting mode
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Each map available on PUBG Mobile offers a different world. Pro players already understand various terrains on a map. Therefore their mastery of a map is unquestionable.

One of the techniques a pro player needs to master is correct jumping. Jumping in the PUBG Mobile battle royale game is not done carelessly.

Because in certain situations where there is a war, players must use jumps as an attack technique or to run away from battle.

So in the following we will provide tips on effective jumping based on the shooting mode you use in the PUBG Mobile game.

TPP mode

  tips jump according to shooting mode
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If you play with TPP (Third Person Perspective) shooting mode, you should pay attention to your position when jumping. Because the TPP mode makes your screen full of your character’s body in the game.

It obstructs the player’s view in the game. Especially when in narrow positions. Including when you want to jump through the window.

This makes many players fail to jump because they cannot estimate the right timing to jump. It was because the player’s view was blocked by the character’s body.

Therefore, the TPP mode is actually less effective for jumping. You can try FPP mode which we will discuss below.

FPP Mode

  tips jump according to shooting mode

This time we will discuss the FPP (First Person Perspective) shooting mode. Unlike the TPP mode above, the FPP mode will give players a broader view.

This is because players will see according to the character’s vision in the game. So that the character’s body will not block the player’s view when in the game.

Especially when in narrow places. Like in the house for example. That will make it easier for us to reach a wider horizon of view.

Now with that favorable condition, this FPP mode is actually very effective for jumping. Especially for jumping out of the house through the window.

You can watch more information about these tips in the video uploaded by the following official PUBG MOBILE Instagram account.

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Those are the tips for jumping according to the shooting mode in PUBG Mobile. Follow the latest information and news about the world of esports only at Esportsku!