Tips for Organizing Storage on the iPhone to Be More Relieved

The quality of the photos produced by the iPhone is not in doubt. The sharpness and detail of the resulting photos are very pleasing to the eye. However, this makes the resulting photo size very large which causes iPhone storage to fill up faster. Even though the iPhone itself has a drawback where there are no features that allow users to add external memory.

As a user, you have to be good at managing iPhone storage to keep it relieved. So, there are some tips that you can apply so that your iPhone storage is still relieved and you can store more photos, guys. Come on, take a look at the following tips!

  • Remove unnecessary applications

You can check the internal memory capacity by entering the menu settings, then choose an option iPhone storage. You can also delete data from applications that take up a lot of memory. There are two options, viz Offload the App and Delete App. Offload means deleting the application, but keeping your private data. The Delete option will completely remove your application, including personal data. We recommend that you delete applications that are rarely used.

  • Delete unnecessary photos and videos

Photos and videos are one of the factors that often fill up the memory quickly. You can delete some photos and videos that are not important or transfer them to your computer manually. You can also activate iClouds Photos so that photos and videos can be saved directly to the cloud and make storage more spacious.

  • Take photos in HDR quality

iPhone already has a mode High Dinamic Range (HDR) for a long time which made the photo quality improved. iPhone will save HRD photos and normal versions default. We recommend that you delete normal photos and keep the HDR version only. You can also turn off your iPhone so that it doesn’t save two photos at once in the menu settings, then select the camera.

  • Clears cache from browser periodically

Chace actually plays the role speed booster so that the browser does not need to load all the elements again on a web page. Chace is temporary, will not disappear until you delete it manually. You can delete it by going to the menu settings, then click safari, then choose an option clear history and website data. Later a pop-up will appear to select clear history and data.

  • Manage chat applications

Chat applications like Telegram and WhatsApp take up a lot of memory. Apart from incoming chats, these applications also save photos and videos that are sent automatically which makes the memory fill up quickly. We recommend deleting unnecessary data from chat applications.

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Greetings technology! Well, you can do this over and over you guys. You should also frequently delete the chance data on smartphones that are often left over as a result of applications such as Line and Instagram. That’s how it makes iPhone memory more spacious. Hopefully this is useful, guys.