Tips for Overcoming a PC or Laptop Short

Have you ever found that when you want to turn on or turn off your PC or laptop, when you hold it, the casing shortens and you get electrocuted? Surely this is very unsettling, right? Especially on metal parts that can conduct electricity.

Not only the casing, other enhancements used, such as external microphones, generally shock too.

Can this problem be solved? Of course, I can. But before solving it, you have to find out first what makes your device electrocute.

What Causes PC or Laptop Short or Electrocute?

It could be due to components, or electrical installations in your home, guys. Below are some of the possible causes.

Electrical Grounding Problems

The most common cause is usually the electrical installation in your home or the grounding is not good.

Troubled Laptop Charger

An error charger can also cause the laptop to shock when you hold it. Mainly when you are charging your laptop.

Generally this is because the charger is too long, or there is a problem in one of its components.

Troubled Computer Power Supply

For PC it could be caused power supply (PSU) that is used has a problem or error. This can conduct electricity to other parts, such as the PC case.

How to Overcome a PC or Laptop Electrocution?

In order to solve the problem of a PC or laptop that is electrifying, you can see the following tips.

Repair the Home Electrical Grounding System

The first way is to repair the electric grounding system at home. It can also make your PC or laptop more durable.

Replace Laptop Charger

If your laptop feels electrocuted only when it is being charged, then you can replace the charger with a new one.

Buy a laptop charger with an output or the same power input. To be more secure, buy the charger directly through the official store, guys.

Delivering Electricity to the Wall

If you can’t repair the electrical installation, then another way you can do it is by connecting the casing to the wall using a cable.

First, you guys prepare any cables, the size is not too big. Then connect it to your PC. For example, you can connect it through the bolts in the casing.

Next, screw the wires into the wall with nails. Also make sure the connection is not easy to come off. You can put the cable under the table. That way, the PC case or other PC components won’t shock you anymore.

Remember, guys. To make the cable look neat, use a cable clipt or cable kelm. You can also do this method for laptops, with the same steps but adjusting the connection to the laptop.

Replace Power Supply

For the power supply, just replace it with a new one. Because errors in the power supply can spread to other components so that they are damaged. This is due to unstable electricity from the power supply earlier.

Buy a power supply of the same type or better according to your needs.

That was an article about tips for dealing with a PC or laptop that shocked when you held it.

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