Tips for Solo Rank to Master in FF, Level Your Rank!

Rank Master is one of the highest Rank Rankings in the Free Fire game. Lots of players are competing to reach that Rank and become a part of the Pro Player in it. If you succeed in reaching the Rank Master on your own, then you are truly capable of facing any kind of enemy. Tips for Solo Rank to Master on FF you will be very helpful.

To reach this Rank is also not too easy, you have to face various kinds of enemies. If you are still far away from this Rank, then ranking up is quite difficult to do, especially when you are playing solo.

If you play with the Squad, you don’t need to worry and of course you will go up together to the next rank. But how about playing Solo? Certainly difficult isn’t it.

On this occasion we will provide some tips that you need to do if you want to go up to the Master Rank by solo. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Tips for Playing Solo Rank to Rank Free Fire Master

  1. Confidence

Tips for Solo Rank to Master in FF

If you want to play Solo Rank in the Free Fire game, then the most important thing to do is have confidence. If you are playing Solo, then everyone in the match is an enemy. When you die there will also be no such thing as a second chance, different from playing Squad which can come back to life at Knock.

If you are still in doubt and don’t dare, then we suggest you don’t play Rank Solo. Because this will only make your Point Rank useless if you lose continuously. The solo rank tips for the Free Fire masters will be very important.

  1. Get off the direct looting plane

When you get off the plane and make a landing, the first thing that must be done is to immediately boot the existing weapon first. If you see a gun, just grab the gun to hold it for a while.

Keep looking for useful looting items and also looking for various kinds of weapons or weapons that you have mastered. If you are already using weapons that are part of your game, then it won’t be a problem later. Tips for Solo Rank to Master on FF, of course looting will be very important to pay attention to.

  1. Attack Enemy Fully When Enemies Are Few

Tips for Solo Rank to Master in FF

Always monitor the number of enemies remaining in the match. If there are only a few enemies who are in the match, then you have to start getting into the full attack position. With these solo rank tips to Free Fire masters, it is hoped that you can observe them.

It is the same as with the Barbarian, but starting the barbarian in the enemy position is quite a bit. If you manage to kill a large number of enemies in this position, then the point rank you will get will also be even more than before.

  1. Keep an eye on the surroundings

The last thing you need to do is to keep an eye on your surroundings. With this you can have a strong defense, the enemies around you can also be known easily even though the distance is far.

Not only that, you can anticipate being ambushed by the enemy and can also ward off their attacks easily. This situation can also allow you to play barbaric at will. Tips for Solo Rank to Master in FF will be very important for you to understand.

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Those are some tips that you need to do while playing Solo Rank to get to Rank Master easily later.

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