Tips for Using the Most Complete Laquetta Free Fire Characters

PUBG has released a new character that you can see in the new update. The skills he has are also quite unique to use. You can use the skills he has to shoot his blood. By using a good character, you can attack the enemy easily. Here we will discuss the use of characters in Free Fire.

There are many characters that you can use when playing Free Fire. One of them is a new character which will be updated below. free fire will make a fairly large update, and add new characters for the Free Fire Player. This new character has unique skills and designs to use, already has detailed skills that you can find out. His skills are similar to Jota, but he can make him stronger than before.

This new character is named Laqueta. This new character has a skill that can increase the maximum blood level, if he gets a kill. The amount of blood will increase faster, as much as the level it has. With the blood he has, he can become a powerful rusher or tank. You will be more difficult to kill with a lot of blood his. Using powerful weapons against the enemy, Laqueta becomes a strong character.

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Here we will provide tips on Tips for Using the Laquetta Character that you can try when using this character. His skills are very strong to fight enemies and keep him safe. Because of this, Laqueta is a character who has reliable skills.

Tips for Using Laquetta Characters

Here we will provide a few tips on using the laqueta character, the new Free Fire hero who can add blood when doing kills.


Use a weapon that can kill enemies easily. You can use shotgun weapons that can kill enemies quickly with just a few shots. With this weapon, you can become a strong Rusher. Use it to advance towards the enemy and get a lot of blood from the skill.


This is very important, because Laqueta will increase its blood when killing enemies. You have to be able to get a lot of kills, so that your maximum blood can increase a lot. It would be very unfortunate, if you don’t collect the stack during the late game later.


Laqueta has more blood when he kills. Use many ways to get kills, so that your stack increases your blood a lot. This is also to make the laqueta thicker during the late game.


You can combine it with other characters. You can play with other characters such as Kapella or Alok. With them, you can get a lot of blood, even when you are attacking the enemy. The heal that you get from the combination of Alok and Kapella, can overheal you when you attack the enemy later.

Those are the Tips for Using Laquetta Characters. You can try this method when you already have the character. laqueta will come in a later update, and this character has been tested in advance servers. With his skills, you can be more difficult to kill.

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