Tips to Handle M1887 Recoil Technique in Free Fire (FF)

Using a shotgun is not an easy thing to do, especially using the M1887. This is one of the most difficult weapon to use, and a shotgun is a high risk high reward weapon as well. However, a shotgun can be a really dangerous weapon if you’re using it right. By getting to know how to handle the recoil of this weapon, you will surely be a better rusher in Free Fire. So here we have some tips to handle the M1887 recoil technique in Free Fire.

Tips to Handle M1887 Recoil Technique in Free Fire (FF)

Get to know the effective range

The M1887 is actually the only shotgun that has the best effective range. This weapon is even capable of using in mid range battle if you need to. But there’s surely a downside to using this weapon. If you want to use this weapon for a mid range battle, you need to be able to handle the recoil of the M1887 in Free Fire. Which is why this weapon is slightly difficult to use efficiently.

The M1887 recoil in Free Fire is fairly easy to control

The M1887’s recoil is actually fairly easy to control, but in close range only. In mid range, you need some more effort to handle the recoil. Other than that, you also need to be able to conserve your ammo, due to its low ammo capacity. So try to make every shot counts. In close range, you can even kill an enemy with one shot. So all you have to worry about is to not miss your shot in a battle.

Use low sensitivity

Even though the M1887 has a really high damage and a good effective range, there is a difference to this weapon with the other shotgun. If other shotgun requires a fast and smooth sensitivity, this weapon is the opposite. To properly use the M1887, we suggest you to use lower sensitivity setup in order to aim properly with this shotgun. With heavier sensitivity, the recoil handling and accuracy will also increase.

Use M1887 to play aggressively

The M1887 can be one of the deadliest weapon to use if you’re using it aggressively. You can’t simply underestimate this weapon in close range battle. It’s because this weapon is capable of killing an enemy in close range with only one shot if you’re aiming it right.

And that’s some tips to handle M1887 recoil technique in Free Fire. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!