Tips to Reset Yahoo Account Password

Are you old internet users? That means you know or even have a Yahoo account right? What happens if you haven’t used that account for a long time and want to reset your account because you forgot the password? Then you are in the right place, guys.

As you know, there are a lot of Yahoo email users. Now many people are also still consistently operating it.

If you have forgotten your password, then you can use the tips in this article to fix it. How to?

Here’s the explanation!

Reset Yahoo Account Forgot Password

In this article, Reset your account is used to create a new password replacing the old one.

All you have to prepare is a phone number or Google account that is connected to your Yahoo email.

If so, apply the steps below.

Accessing the Yahoo Site

Initial step, open a browser which you generally use first. After that you can access the site Yahoo in that browser.

After entering the Yahoo site, you can tap button Sign In. Later you will be directed to the Yahoo account login page. Because your position is forgetting your password, you can choose the menu Forgot Username.

Enter Yahoo Email

Next, you will be redirected to Yahoo account restore page. Here you have to fill in Yahoo email address in the column provided.

Or next to an email, you can enter a phone number. For example here using a telephone number.

If it is already, tap the Continue button.

Request a Verification Code

If you have entered an email from your Yahoo account, you will be redirected to verification page. That way the Yahoo system can know if it’s really yours.

But before that you can ask for a verification code to the number that has been connected to the Yahoo account. On this page you tap the button Yes, send me a code.

Remember, The phone number that is connected to the Yahoo account must be active and you are currently using it.

Enter the Verification Code

Later you will be asked to enter a verification code. Check SMS from Yahoo at that number, then type the code in the column that is already available.

If you have entered the code, tap the Verify button to continue the process.

But if the verification code hasn’t arrived, click back to the previous page. Then ask for the verification code again until it is sent to your number.

Create a New Password

Lastly, create a new password to reset the account. Then tap Continue button to be able to log into your Yahoo account.

There are also other options here, namely if you don’t want to create a new password, click the option I’ll do it later.

By selecting this menu, you can only login access. If later you want to log in again, repeat the previous steps.

As a reminder, When you successfully reset the password from your Yahoo account, you will be redirected to the security method page.

It would be better if you add another method, in addition to account verification to make your account more secure. You can apply these tips on a smartphone or laptop.

Those were the tips for resetting your Yahoo account. Hopefully it can provide many benefits for you.If you have questions or want to add other tips, please write them in the comments column below.

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