Tips to Win PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode, PUBG Players Must Know!

PUBG Mobile is a game with the best battle royale genre that offers a military-style game style so that it can produce a serious war atmosphere. To strengthen the level of excitement of this game, PUBG presents several modes. And one that catches the attention of PUBG players is Zombie Mode.

If in regular mode the player is required to be the last person in the game to become a winner, now in Zombie Mode the difficulty is added by spreading zombies all over the map that are ready to kill the players. Of course this mode is more challenging.

In normal mode, the players have been bothered by the Blue Zone and Red Zone that can kill the players. And now it’s added with zombies. A more mature strategy is needed to win this match.

Tips for Winning Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile

Here are tips that you can use when playing in Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile. Make sure you use these tips so that you always win in matches against zombies in today’s pubg mobile games

1. Avoid War at the Beginning of the Game

These tips can actually be said to be like being faced with a choice of simalakama fruit, being eaten to death with poisoning, if you don’t eat you die of hunger. In normal mode, of course, you will find a place that provides a lot of loot. Of course this cannot be avoided.

Competition at the beginning of the match is not the right move in Zombie Mode because at night the zombies will roam around while the players are not too many. So land in a safe place first and avoid war at the beginning of the match. You need other players to be sacrificed first. That’s the point.

2. Keep Moving

These are the most common tips. In normal game mode, you shouldn’t be silent often because that will be an easy target for snipers. Especially in this Zombie Mode where zombies will come closer to you. Therefore keep moving. If you also want to hide, look for a safe place.

3. Prepare Melee Shots

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This point is important because zombie attacks are sometimes sudden. Prepare melee weapons to kill zombies that suddenly come near you. However, it is more recommended to choose melee shots rather than melee weapons.

4. Defeat the Tyrant Zombie

If in a regular game there will be an airdrop weapon to support spare parts for equipment for PUBG players

Mobile, especially provides the best quality loot, so in Zombie Mode you have to be able to beat zombies. Each dead zombie will issue the usual loot.

Now to get the best weapon loot, you can kill Tyrant Zombie. To be able to defeat this zombie, of course you have to spend more energy.

5. Hide in High Places

If the previous tips were to keep moving, this tip is an option if you want to stop. A safe place to stop is at a high altitude. Zombies cannot climb. In addition, if you choose a high place like the roof of a house, it will take longer for zombies to reach you. If your hiding place is discovered and your place is surrounded by zombies, you have the option to jump.

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Those are the 5 best tips for surviving in Zombie Mode. But what is important to underline is that you don’t want to focus on avoiding zombies, you will become the target of other players. So you have to be aware of other players too. Thank you!