Tired of Too Soon? These 3 Causes of PUBG Mobile Ranking Easily Down!

When playing PUBG Mobile, then you will have three rank sections, all of which must have different ranks or points. There is a Solo rank, as the name suggests, this ranking will change according to the classic solo mode you play.

This also applies to Duo and Squad. However, these three ranks are further differentiated from the other three ranks, namely FPP or TPP. FPP’s Solo ranking will of course be different from TPP’s Solo ranking. So, in total you have six different ranks.

Increasing the rankings is not easy, many players who just get out of one rank take days or even weeks.

In one rank itself there are at least 5 levels, each of which has 100 points so that you can pass or continue to the next level. Sometimes, just raising one level takes more than 3 days or dozens of matches if you are really unlucky.

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But did you know that there are some things that can actually affect your failure or difficulty when trying to increase the rankings? What are these things? Check out the explanation below!

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Recent Ranking

If you are in a high rank like Crown or ACE, of course it will be difficult for you to do a push rank. Especially if you play with the gameplay just like that or there is no change.

While enemies or other players continue to train to be better at it, of course it will make it difficult for you to do a push rank. So don’t forget to keep practicing your aim or reflex in the training room!

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Get off at the Hot Drop Location

You as players certainly have the ability to understand how your skills are when playing PUBG Mobile. Are you the type of player with a relaxed, or aggressive game?

If you have found you are a player with what kind of gameplay, surely you will better understand which locations are dangerous or easy for you to conquer.

If you are a player with a relaxed, safe gameplay, and are not yet good at fighting intensively, then avoid getting off at the Hot Drop place or location.

The player who drops at the Hot Drop location is a player who already has the skill to play barbaric or is already used to playing in intense warfare. So that their gameplay will definitely be different if you are a player who likes to play it safe.

If you are a player who has qualified skills, you should not get off at the Hot Drop location. At least you know what weapon you want to take at that location so that the looting process can run quickly and smoothly. After that you have to target the enemies around you. Pretty heavy, right?

So, avoid the Hot Drop location, because most of the players who fall in the early minutes of the game come from battles at the Hot Drop location.

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Lust Kill

When you play PUBG Mobile, the thing you need to avoid is the nature of kill lust. What does it mean? You must often see players who are too hasty towards the enemy, and in the end it is the enemy who reverses his condition.

Or have you ever seen your friends run far towards the bot but suddenly your friends are surrounded by a team that happens to be not far from the bot? These things are what is called by the nature of the desire to kill, too enthusiastic about collecting kills so that you forget about a good strategy when playing.

Avoid this trait, if you see enemies of one or two people, keep your friends informed and stay with your friends so that your friends can easily back up.

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Based on our explanation above, which habits do you do most often at PUBG Mobile? Hopefully not all three. Thank you for listening!