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Todak is a team to fear. The winner of the MPL SG / MY S6 is very difficult to beat. Not only that, because during the last M1, many admitted that Todak was the cause of RRQ’s fatigue when fighting EVOS in the Final. This analysis of Todak M2 Mobile Legends will explain it further. Here, let’s discuss the analysis of Todak M2 Mobile Legends. Todak is a very strong team in M2. Plus a group that isn’t too heavy might make them more likely to win.

As the winner of this MPL SG / MY S6, Todak is a terrible team. What you must understand from Todak is that they have a very solid teamwork. Often makes it difficult for their opponents.

Todak this time came to M2 not to relax. They are ready to lift the M2 trophy and avenge their defeat before the M1 Final. With a terrible roster they are ready to fight anyone.

Going into Group B, Omega and Impunity will try to block Todak. With a roster that can dominate MPL SG / MY and even be the winner there, of course Todak is very strong.

Analysis of Todak M2 Mobile Legends

As one of the strongest contenders in M2, of course Todak has a great opportunity. They are a team that has grown very rapidly in the past year compared to other teams.

Still having unrequited forest when he lost to RRQ in M1, this time Todak’s spirit is getting hotter. With several changes in the roster since this year, he certainly didn’t come to play games.

Todak’s strength comes from their very strong and solid teamwork. Moreover, the strong synergy between Eone, Moon, and Ciku who will become their spearheads. Todak can be a threat to all M2 teams this time.

Entering Group B against Omega and Impunity, it is almost certain that Todak will qualify for the playoffs later. What they have to monitor is Omega, which is one of the strongest teams in the Philippines with Bren.

Keep in mind that Ciku is the player with the most kills in this MPL SG / MY S6. He will be very obliged to be monitored by the opposing team so that he doesn’t mess up. But yes, all of this is also because Eone played brilliantly.

According to our Todak M2 Mobile Legends analysis, they will use Eone or Moon as a playmaker and provide opportunities to Ciku. If two of them are locked, Todak will be in trouble. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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