Top 5 Global Free Fire Players With One Shot Kill FF

Free Fire is a shooting game with the Battle Royal genre. This game is not only popular in Indonesia but in other countries. Because of that, there are quite a lot of players who play it and even have a lot of servers. This shooting game has many types of weapons that you can use. With this weapon, you can kill the enemy in one shot. Well, this time there is Global Free Fire’s top player with One Shot One Kill that you can sample.

As you know, every weapon in Free Fire that you use has different stats and characteristics. Some are suitable for use at long distances and some are used at close range. With the use of good weapons, you can play well, and can face all conditions while playing. Just adapting to the weapons you use is not enough. There are even more important things in playing shooting games.

Global Free Fire's Top Players

In playing shooting games, you must aim your shots manually. This is called aim. Your aim is very important in playing Shooting Games. If you use strong weapons. The weapon will be wasted because it is blocked by your bad aim.

There are many ways to target the enemy well. You can aim carefully and accurately or with a flick that relies on speed and accuracy. You can hone your aim in training mode and shoot dummy targets or so on. That way you can shoot well, like the pro players in Free Fire.

In the following we have a list of Top Global Free Fire Players who have the expertise to do one shot kills. These pro players have skills that are not really good at it. His shooting accuracy and reflexes are very mature. You can try to see how to play players from various countries and try the takti they have as your reference for playing Free Fire.


Vicenzo is one of the top Global Free Fire players from abroad who has the skill to play Free Fire which is fairly good. The reflexes it has when shooting enemies are very fast and accurate. Not only good aim, his use of Gloo walls is also very effective in blocking enemy attacks.

Arécs FF As Top Global Free Fire Player

This Free Fire player from abroad also plays FF very well. The way to play with the Assault Rifle and cooperate with the team is very good. You can try how to use aim Free Fire properly, even from a distance. That way, you can try it yourself while playing.


This Top Global Free Fire player is also a player who has a good way of playing and is fairly good at it. The way to play using SMG cannot be underestimated. With his aim, he can shoot enemies even from a distance. This player is not from Indonesia, and has great skills in playing Free Fire.

BROKEN GAMING is the Top Global Free Fire Player

This player from Thailand has the skills to play Free Fire which is very great. The use of aim greetings using weapons can be put to good use. This allows him to shoot enemies from a distance easily.

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That’s the list of Top Global Free Fire Players. The skills they have are great. You can also improve your skills by seeing how other people are better at playing. That way, you can try the methods and strategies they have in playing.

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