Treasure Map Location Day 30 Map Purgatory FF

The treasure chest event has entered its 30th day. Garena free fire did not escape giving a clue of today’s treasure map location so that players can find it. This time there is a Treasure Map Location Day 30 Map Purgatory FF

The clue provided by Garena Free Fire itself sometimes makes it difficult for FF players. Even so, free fire players struggle to read the clue correctly. This is because by finding the right location, players can get a free elite pass free fire bundle.

Garena today provides a clue that must be solved by free fire players. This bundle is a bundle of elite pass season 19 this time. Since it is almost entering the end of the elite pass, you must get this elite pass bundle right away map purgatory free fire.

Clue Location FF Treasure Map Day 30 Purgatory Map

The location of today’s free fire treasure map which enters its 30th day has a clue of a forked road. In addition, the players will also see several trees around the street.

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In total there are two roads fork in the clue of this 30th day treasure map location. First branched below then. Some after that there are other branches. Free fire players can find an X on the first fork at this location.

Besides that, you can see that there are three houses near the dirt road. Beside it, there are only two trees on clue garena free fire. Then

Today’s Elite Pass Treasure Map Locations

This location is somewhat difficult from other locations, because the clue only provides information about the road. Quite a few streets branch off on this purgatory free fire map.

You can see that especially in the area near the hills, there are many forked roads there. However, we get a road that branches similar to the clue garena free fire.

The location of the FF Purgatory Map Treasure Day 30 is near the fields area. If you look under the fields area there will be roads that fork. You will also see the houses lined up on the street. You can find the location of the 30th day of free fire map in the first branch before reaching the second branch.

We chose this location because of the shape of the road which is similar to forks and moreover it is a branch of an earthy road. So, what are you waiting for, get the elite pass free fire bundle today so you can use that skin today.

As we know, there will also be many players who land at this location. You make sure to land and carry weapons so you can protect yourself. Free fire players must get this season 19 elite pass bundle. Before the end of the elite pass season 19 and will change to season 29 in January.

That’s the location for today’s free fire treasure map, the Purgatory Map that you can get. Don’t forget to bring weapons and a vest. Make sure you survive the rain of enemy bullets and get this elite pass bundle. Greetings, Booyah!