Tricks to Get Skin Swordmaster Lancelot Mobile Legends (ML)

Lancelot is one of the assassin heroes in Mobile Legends who has received a new skin update with the Hero category. With the presence of a new skin for Lancelot, of course, this one assassin hero will again become popular and is widely played by players in a gameplay. You need to know that there is a trick to get the Swordmaster Lancelot skin easily.

This Lancelot Swordmaster skin has a very cool appearance. The special super hero design makes Lancelot look more elegant. This skin also has a good animation effect. Lancelot will look even better when using a swordmaster skin in a gameplay. There are tricks that you can apply to get the Lancelot Swordmaster skin easily.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the tricks to get the skin of the Lancelot Mobile Legends swordmaster. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know how effective tricks are to get this skin easily, let’s just look at the full explanation below!

Tricks to Get Lancelot Swordmaster Skin

You need to know that to get this skin you have to spin the hero event banner available in Mobile Legends. Enough diamonds are needed to be able to get a skin codename Swordmaster. But take it easy because we have a powerful trick to get it easily, you can see how you can see the points below!

Make use of Hero’s Event Missions

Currently there is a Hero event mission entitled challenge & win tokens in Mobile Legends which you can use to get the Lancelot swordmaster skin. At this event, there are several missions that must be completed, namely logging into the game every day, topping up diamonds according to the specified nominal, and using your diamonds to spin on the existing banner. Complete all available missions and get all the tokens.

Spin with the tokens earned

It is highly recommended that you do a spin using the tokens that you have earned and collected. There will be around 29 free tokens that you can get if you complete all the missions. You just need to use it to spin. Just use it to spin 10x consecutively using the token first. If all the tokens you have used have run out and you haven’t gotten the skin, you have to take the next step.

Lancelot Spam in a Gameplay

You can spam Lancelot in a gameplay to lure the swordmaster skin you can get in the next spin. For free, you want to play in classic mode or ranked mode. Spam until all your match history is filled only by the hero Lancelot. When finished, you have to spin again with the diamonds you have. If you are lucky with this spin, you can get Swordmaster skins easily.

So, that’s the explanation about the trick to get the Lancelot Mobile Legends swordmaster skin that I have discussed in Esports. Please try the tricks that we have described above, if you are lucky you can get Swordmaster skins easily!