Want to Push K / D on PUBG Mobile? Don’t Use These 5 Weapons!

PUBG Mobile players are considered not only from what level the player has played this game, but how many K / D numbers they have. K / D itself is a number which is a measure of the number of kills you collect in general.

This figure is calculated with a special formula from PUBG Mobile which is taken from the number of matches and the number of kills that you collect. However, what do you do if you want to increase your K / D? What weapons should you avoid? Check out the explanation below!

Want to Push K / D on PUBG Mobile? 5 Don’t Use This Weapon!

push k / d pubg mobile
YT / Sevou

1. Sniper Bolt Action

Increasing K / D means you have to get a lot of kills. Getting a lot of kills means that you have to kill the enemy quickly. Killing quickly is also a sign, you have to play aggressively, such as approaching the enemy compound.

Playing in the enemy compound must use a weapon that is used for close combat.

Whereas the sniper bolt action is a weapon created for long-range combat, so using the sniper bolt action to increase K / D is the wrong way.

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2. DP-28

Why is the DP-28 a weapon to avoid while not the M249? This is because the DP-28 has a long reloading time but only 47 bullets are generated. Therefore, you can replace it with the M249 which uses 100 bullets.

3. UMP45

UMP45 is a good weapon, but the fire rate that is not too high will lose when compared to weapons that have less damage but fast fire like Vector and Micro Uzi.

If you don’t use UMP45, you can switch to using Vector, Micro Uzi, or Tommy Gun.

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4. VSS

VSS is indeed a unique weapon because it already has a 4x scope embedded in the upper rail. However, the 4x scope it has cannot be used optimally because the shooting distance is still less when compared to AR weapons.

You can switch to using AR weapons when you want to increase K / D as well as a substitute for VSS. You can replace the suppressor problem with the VSS by using an AR weapon and then pair it with the suppressor.

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5. Crossbow

The Crossbow is an AWM Dupe but is special for melee. There was no sound, and it could penetrate even a level 3 helmet with just one shot. This arrow was not an effective weapon for close combat and bar-fighting.

You can use a DMR weapon like MK14 to get massive damage.

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you to get information about what weapons you should avoid when you want to push k / d. Thank you for listening!