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The storyline of the film Beirut (2018) tells of a man named Mason Skiles who is a great diplomat from the United States but currently lives in Lebanon. He is a hard worker, he is kind to his colleagues, friends and all. Because of that he married a beautiful woman named Nadia who also lives in Lebanon.

The story continues, after all this time they were married, their household life was very harmonious, even every day they spent laughing, singing, traveling and eating. However, their happiness is very lacking if they don’t have a baby to fill the void that is in the house.

Various ways have been done by this husband and wife, ranging from seeing the doctor, to using the traditional method, but fate says it is different, they also never have children. Then there are those who suggest that they should adopt a child. They also agreed and adopted a 13 year old child named Karim, he is a child from the Palestinian area.

Beirut Information (2018)

Release Date: April 11, 2020

Duration: 1 hour 49 minutes

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama


Director: Brad Anderson

Author: Tony Gilroy


  • Joh Hamm as Mason skiles
  • Jay Potter as Congresmann
  • Leila Bekhti as Nadia Skiles
  • Kate Fleetwood as Alice

Rate: 6.4 / 10 (

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Watch Beirut (2018) Sub Indo Streaming Online

The storyline in the film Beirut (2018) is very good, because it doesn’t only take from the family side, they also take it from the human side. Not only that, it was reported by iMDb that this film also received a high enough rating.

Therefore it is very unfortunate if you don’t watch this Beirut film. So from that, watch movies in the right way, namely through streaming from legal film websites or being able to watch on flm streaming applications such as Netflix, Iflix and others.