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The storyline for the film Let Him Go (2020) tells the story of a very harmonious husband and wife, they live in rural Montana. Her husband is named George and his wife, Margaret, they live together happily. They have a large enough farm, and the animals are quite diverse, complementing the happiness of their life.

They also have a very big son, his son named James. He supports a very beautiful person named Lorna, they also live very happily, plus they already have a son named Jimmy. They live next door to the grandparents’ house.

The story continued, their lives were very happy, before James had a serious riding accident. James suffered serious injuries and his body could do nothing else, such as death and numbness, only the mouth could move slowly.

Seeing this, James couldn’t do much to Lorna, then with a long discussion with her family, finally Lorna chose to leave James, and remarried a man named Jimmy.

Let Him Go Information (2020)

Release Date: November 6, 2020

Duration: 1 hour 53 minutes

Genre: Crime, Drama, Trhiller


Director: Thomas Bezucha

Author: Thomas Bezucha


  • Diana Lane as Margaret
  • Kevin Constner as George

Rate: 7.1 / 10 (

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Watch Let Him Go (2020) Sub Indo Streaming Online

In short, Lorna was brought by Donnie, and lived her new life. However, new problems arose. Gradually, James, who had an accident, began to improve. Lorna, who knew that, began to hesitate with her heart. Does lorna still love james /

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