Watch Out for These 3 Things as You Land in Free Fire! – My esports

Before you start playing in a Free Fire match, you and other players will gather in a deserted island. Afterwards, you and the others will ride on the same plane to a bigger island, where the island is your battlefield later on. There are several things that you need to pay attention to as you land in Free Fire.

Inside the plane, You can choose the correct time and place for you to land later on. Even though some players don’t really think much about it, it’s actually a really important thing to consider. Because deciding the time and place of your landing position, can also decide whether you’ll land in a place with desirable loot or not. It can also decide whether you’re landing together with your enemy or not.

That’s why you cannot land randomly as you wish without making any decision beforehand. If you want to booyah and be the last man standing in the game, then you have to make the decision earlier before you even get on the plane.

Watch Out for These 3 Things as You Land in Free Fire!

Here we have some tips that we can give you to land easy later on. So you don’t have to face troubles as you land in Free Fire!

Look Around to See Where the Enemy Land

Every player in Free Fire has different personality. Some play aggressively to win, and some also like to play calm and safely to be the last man standing. Aggressive players tend to land faster than the others to look for an instant battle.

But if you want to survive slightly longer in the game, try to land later than the others. Before you land, try to count the remaining players in the plane. If most of the players have already landed, then it’s your turn to land to your designated location.

Avoid a Crowded Area, The Flight Route, and the Center of the Map

For those of you who have played Free Fire for quite a long time, you must have known which place is crowded with enemies and which one doesn’t. If you feel like you’re not ready to play aggressively, try to land in a less crowded area.

Try to avoid the plane flight route, and the center of the map. So you can loot safely without having to worry about any incoming enemy. With a complete loot, then you’ll be ready to fight the enemy.

Find a Weapon Right After You Land

As you land in Free Fire, it’ll be better if the first thing that you have to look for is the weapon. Any weapon. It’s because when you land, you’ll have nothing in your hand. And weapon is the first priority for you to survive in early game.

That’s some tips that we can give to you to land safely in Free Fire. Try to use these tips so you can survive till the end. Good luck!