Ways and Tips on Warding LoL Mobile Wild Rift Pro!

Wild Rift has a feature that you can use, to see your surroundings. To open the map, you can use warding lol mobile. This ward can see certain areas to see the map. However, many players still misused their wards, so the wards they placed were immediately destroyed, or useless at all. Here we will discuss more about the Wild Rift game.

Maybe for you Mobile Legends players don’t understand what wards are and this is the difference between mobile legends and the league of legends wild rift mobile. In fact, you never use wards, and get confused when you play Wild Rift in the currently open beta. This is very important and must be used on every player, especially the Support in charge of opening the map. With this ward, you can avoid enemy ganks or assassin flanks. Therefore, you must use this item properly, and put it in an effective place.

Every hero can use this ward. Support is one of the roles that you have to put your ward in properly. To become MVP in the team, support also counts how many wards are placed. Therefore, it is very important. Many spots are suitable for you to use to put wards, and open folders.

Here we will provide tips regarding Warding Wild Rift Tips for Beginners. In this way, you can put the wards better. You can prevent enemy attacks and can run from enemies before you get hit by a gang.


Near the river there is a T-junction near the buff, you can put wards there. Maybe you are asking why you have to put it there. The vision that is open to you is very broad. You can see the enemy, before they attack you. It’s good for you to know the enemy will attack, before it’s too late.


You can also put it near the buff. do not put it in the middle of the buff or in the bush near the buff. You put the ward at a T-junction or across from the buff. That way, your ward won’t be noticed by the enemy easily.


Placing a ward in front of the baron or dragon can also help you in observing enemies. With a ward there, you can find out where the enemy is. However, before you place the ward, you must first check the enemy’s ward. If there isn’t, you can put it in the middle.

There are also things that must be considered in placing the ward. You don’t put wards in a push while playing, because this is very wasteful, unless you are in a state of urgency and want to attack the enemy in the bus. You also don’t put the ward in the middle of the lane. Because, this will also waste your wards for nothing.

Do not also put wards, when you are seen by the enemy. If you are seen by an enemy while placing the ward, the ward you put in will be destroyed immediately. it’s a good idea to put it when no one is around you. So you can put the wards safely.

Those are the tips regarding Warding Wild Rift Tips for Beginners, which you can try. Opening the map using wards is very important. That way, you won’t be hit by ganks or flanks easily, and can observe enemy movements well. Don’t be stingy with wards, and put them in the right place, for the item’s effective use. Also follow our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!

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