What is Charge in Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is one of the games that often presents various terms in it. One of the terms that you may often encounter is Charge. Then what is Charge in Mobile Legends and how is the explanation? On this occasion, Esportsku will give you an understanding of what Charge in Mobile Legends is.

Regarding Charge itself, it is one of the terms that you usually encounter in heroes in Mobile Legends. Maybe you know there is a specialty or specialist. Yes, Charge is a specialist in Mobile Legends, for the meaning of what is Charge in Mobile Legends, let’s look at the following reviews.

What is Charge in Mobile Legends (ML)

Charge is a specialist that refers to the skill of a hero in Mobile Legends to attack with the ability to blink or provide additional movement speed. This specialist is usually found in several heroes such as mages, assassins and fighters.

Specialist Charge itself is very good for use in team fight. This will allow you to chase your opponent and run away from your opponent. All heroes who have the ability to Charge must have very good mobility in Mobile Legends.

Here are some heroes who have the best charge specialist skills in Mobile Legends that you can use.


First is Kadita who is a hero mage with a charge specialist. Kadita’s own charge ability is in the Ocean Oddity skill which allows it to disappear. This skill also can make kadita become water particles and approach the opponent.

Kadita will collect damage in the form of a whirlpool on its target, this one hero can also surf easily with this ability either to run away or chase his opponent.


Faramis is a mage hero with charge specialists in Mobile Legends. The charge he has is in the Shadow Stampede skill which allows him to turn into a shadow and can attract opponents with his overseas.

This skill has a fast cooldown and allows him to get additional movement speed. By this skill, Faramis is classified as a hero charge in Mobile Legends.


Then Alpha is also one of the heroes with charge specialists, this ability is obtained from the Spear of Alpha skill which makes him disappear around and give attacks on his opponent.

This attack can give the effect of stun and also increase the movements speed of Alpha, this ability can also be used to penetrate walls in Mobile Legends.

That’s all, what is Charge in Mobile Legends and some of the heroes we sample as heroes who have these abilities. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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