What is the term Role and Faction Magic Chess Mobile Legends (ML)

Magic Chess is a new mode in the Mobile Legends game. This one game presents a whole new experience for those of you who are tired of push. Now there are terms Role and Faction in the Magic Chess. Here’s the explanation. On this occasion we will provide information about the term role in magic chess mobile legends mode.

Role or Faction at Magic Chess itself was present for the first time this January. This one game has a 6 × 7 chess board that is used for fighting.

What is the term Role and Faction Magic Chess

This time, you must know some of the terms roles and Faction, complete with explanations and skill effects in Magic Chess Mobile Legends.

In this game, there are approximately 52 heroes that you can drive in Mobile Legends. The raking system itself has been determined by the score you can get in Magic Chess.

The term Faction Magic Chess

Elf : Has the opportunity to deal Splash Damage to a target with their Basic Attack.

Western Desert : This Western Dessert hero has a chance to avoid the basic attacks he will receive. Activating this skill will help the hero recover where.

Erudito : Get 1 to 3 Gold at the end of the Round

Cyborg : Increases the HP of the Hero Cyborg by 2000.

Blood Demon : Reduces the number of heroes needed by 1 when activating a factio or role skill that requires 4 heroes.

Dragon Altar : Every time a hero from a team is eliminated, the dragon altar hero will randomly get attack speed and get a shield that can stack up to 3-6 times.

Monastery of Light : All heroes will get 80 Magic Defense.

Northern Vale : When the battle begins, all Northern Vale heroes will receive their full mana.

Abyss : Reduces the Physical Defense of all opposing heroes from 35% to 100%.

Calestial : Increase ATtack Speed ​​of all Calestial heroes for one team.

Empire : Basic Attack Hero Empire will reduce the enemy Hero’s mana and restore mana.

The term Role Magic Chess

Weapon Master : All heroes will restore HP as much as the damage they have given.

Targeman : Gives teammate heroes within 8 girders a shiled of 15% MAx HP. The shield can be stacked.

Marksman : Increases Marksman’s Crit Rate and deals Crit Damage

Elementalist : Increases 1 star to 2 star labels of the team heroes with the lowest star.

Mage : Increases Magic Damage of all heroes in one team.

Guardian : Increases the Physical Defense of the Guardian.

Summoner : Summons a Sacred Beast to join a team battle that increases the attack of a team’s summon.

Westler : Has the opportunity to stun the enemy for 2 seconds and deal 330 additional damage using the basic attack.

Assassin : Has the opportunity to activate 3 additional Quick Attacks when using a basic attack. Each Quick Attack will deal True Damage.

That is the explanation of the terms Faction and Role in Magic Chess and the meaning of the fanction of the role itself that currently exists in magic chess. Of course, the information above is quite important for those of you who are magic chess players on mobile legends. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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